BakerySwap comes up with four strategic upgrades

BakerySwap has announced that it is coming up with four upgrades. These can only be defined as strategic since they align with the interest of advancing the NFT sphere. For instance, BakerySwap is attempting to foster the integration & adoption of NFT tokens. Plus, BakerySwap is also trying to establish that there is potential in the new narratives within the NFT sphere. Another aspect that BakerySwap is exploring with these upgrades is introducing trading models of non-fungible tokens.

Making them interesting is a slight blend of AI, that is, Artificial Intelligence. While the precise size of the development is unknown, the community will be able to quantify the same in the days to come. That is when tangible results will be out to the public. For now, BakerySwap has highlighted that the upgrades will spread across four different sections. These are:-

  • Bakery NFTSwap
  • Multi-Chain Ecosystem
  • BakeAI
  • Bakery Incubator

Bakery NFTSwap, as the name suggests, facilitates the swapping mechanism. This is, however, critical because a lot of emphasis is on making it happen seamlessly. The innovative approach comes loaded with token mapping, NFT launching, AMM, and trading. Once implemented, users will be able to trade NFTs and tokens alike. There will be no difference in the manner in which they are exchanged among the community members.

The NFTSwap mechanism also comes with the benefit of enhancing NFT liquidity and establishing an ecosystem that is sustainable & healthier. The effects of the same are likely to be felt by participants and projects.

The Multi-Chain Ecosystem aims to encompass all the major networks. This includes Ethereum and further goes on to cover Polygon & Arbitrum, among many others. The upgrade will kickstart a series of multi-chain ecosystems. When implemented, the Multi-Chain Ecosystem will help the ecosystem to cover a larger number of users. Also, help secure more high-quality projects.

BakeAI is the one to take AI to the next level in the ecosystem. BakeAI drives art and other forms of content that are driven by Artificial Intelligence. Solutions offered by BakeAI are customizable as per the preference and choice of users. Creators can leverage the capabilities of BakeAI to build their own community and launch a collection of non-fungible tokens. Simply put, developers can maximize their capabilities by constructing their personal AIGC tools and designing revenue models that best work for them.

All of it sounds perfect, but what takes things a little further is Bakery Incubator. It comes into the picture with the objective of supporting projects that are based on Web3 and AI. It will provide a comprehensive set of resources to projects that have the potential to realize their financial goals. Resources to be extended are partners, funding, community resources, and technology.

Moving forward, BakerySwap looks to become an all-in-one NFT, AMM, and AIGC platform. It will offer art tools that are driven by AI, along with NFT liquidity for investors and NFT minting tools for developers.

Scott Cook

Scott Cook got into crypto world since 2010. He has worked as a news writer for three years in some of the foremost publications. He recently joined our team as a crypto news writer. He regularly contributes latest happenings of crypto industry. In addition to that, he is very good at technical analysis.

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