Band And GetBlock Allow Developers Connect to BAND Nodes

Decentralized cross-chain oracle network Band Protocol announced on Tuesday that it has partnered with GetBlock, a SaaS provider focused on connecting blockchain nodes of popular crypto networks. In the official tweet, Band Protocol stated that as part of the partnership, it would allow developers to connect with the BAND nodes without undergoing the difficult process of launching and maintenance. The partnership will also allow DApps to connect with Band Protocol without running a validator node.

Band Protocol is among the most sought-after oracle networks in the crypto-blockchain industry, connecting APIs and real-world data with smart contracts. By using GetBlock, users can access full nodes from leading blockchain networks, requesting on-chain info via a virtual node without setting up one manually. GetBlock provides an easy connection to top networks, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.

In the official statement on Medium, Band Protocol stated that GetBlock users could connect to a virtual BAND node using JSON RPC API. It further said that the partnership provides important on-chain data to the developers, expanding Band Protocol’s reach among the GetBlock users.

Moreover, the users of GetBlock can start using the BAND node for no cost by requesting a free API via a form on the GetBlock. The move will not only allow BAND to tap into a new legion of customers via GetBlock but also allow it to test its oracles on various platforms, making them more efficient.

Roxanne Williams

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