Barking NFT Along With $bark Token Introduced

The market of crypto is growing in a rapid phase. Among the latest is the Barking NFTs which are 10,000 unique barking sounds, each carrying a cartoon dog barking animation video created by the artist from Bakery’s NFT art community. What makes them special is they are unique and are a world-first thing. Moreover, these crypto coins are combined with Crypto Doggies that will further strengthen the meme ecosystem of the doggy.

What is ILO?

Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) is introduced to add tokens directly into the liquidity pool, and users can buy tokens from AMM exchange without participating in the IDO launch pad. Due to Bakery’s high-demand IDO, most people cannot get it because of the clock speed. The ILO will help it by making things hand for all participants. This means, the early you get, the better the price you will get.

$BARK Token

$BARK token is designed to allow users to buy Barking NFTs. Tokens used to purchase Barking NFTs will get burned, similar to $Doggy under the #cryptodoggies. Moreover, the user will also get the chance to play Barking Sound at a small cost. The best thing about the $BARK token will come with a Charity mechanism. So 80% of the $BARK spent will get donated to the NGO dealing with animal care. So by this, the real dog community and the community of meme ecosystem will benefit from it.

Besides this, Barking NFT and $BARK are strengthened under the full Doggy ecosystem because of the combination of Crypto Doggy NFT and the Barking NFT there will be collective rewards. Moreover, the $Doggy token gets burned quickly.

Meme 3.0 Ecosystem around Crypto Doggies

There has been a good growth of Dogecoin and other meme coins. Similarly, pure coins without development have earned reasonable valuations thanks to strong community support. Despite being counted under meme token, both cryptodoggies and $Doggy token, collectible NFT were added to make the first 2.0 meme. Within the week of its release, $DOGGY got popular and ended up being Binance Smart Chain lead with the valuation of 45,000 holders and the endorsement of crypto doggies. Compared to other meme tokens that only have community, the Crypto Doggies is better positioned.

Scott Cook

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