Base launches second Onchain Summer to boost blockchain user Base

Base, which is Coinbase’s Layer 2 blockchain, greets the second replay of its Onchain Summer, via which it will reach out to developers to add users to the blockchain. 

In order to commemorate the event, Base plans to organize an online hackathon from the 3rd of June till the 3rd of July and allocate 200 ETH in the form of rewards, valued at $613,200, targeting the winners. 

Altogether, throughout the Summer, more than 600 ETH, valued at $2 million, will be released for creativity, including prizes, grants, and gas credits. 

In August 2023, Base introduced its mainnet alongside Optimism’s OP stack and is presently known to be one of the most sought-after L2s. As per L2Beat, it now comes with a $5.52 billion TVL and a 14.18% market share. 

As per Base, Onchain Summer witnessed more than 700,000 mints from more than 268,000 separate wallets and inked deals with Coca-Cola, FWB, Parallel, another block, and more. 

Currently, NodeMonkes is absolutely the most sought-after Bitcoin NFT in terms of market cap to the tune of $3,979 BTC, equivalent to $246 million, with a bottom price standing at $24,603. 

The collection contains 10,000 eight-bit digital paraphernalia built to focus on animals, primarily monkeys. Its market capitalization went beyond Bored Apes and is presently the seventh line in most traded NFTs. 

Bitcoin Puppets is one more Bitcoin NFT that managed to exceed NodeMonkeys in terms of volume of trading. Bitcoin Puppets comes with a market cap of 3,230 BTC or $199 million, with a day’s selling price of 0.31 BTC, equivalent to $19,200.

Unclassified Ordinals selling are reaching new heights, with a day’s selling volumes going more than $4 million. In other areas, the introduction of FriendTech has come in for brickbats, with its price falling by 80%. 

In another case, Bitcoin’s Roger Ver was charged with avoiding tax by the US Department of Justice following his not paying $50 million in taxation.

Roxanne Williams

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