Base publishes an update on its commitment to Superchain

Base has published the update on its commitment to Superchain, assuring the community that its work toward enhancing decentralization is ongoing. The announcement adds a reminder about building the mechanism on OP Stack along with Optimism. The overall objective is to achieve an economy that goes beyond national boundaries, is open for everyone, and resides within the fundamentals of the onchain concept.

Base goes on to talk about two key reasons and elements that will help it achieve the required goal.

For starters, the two key reasons for Base to build on OP Stack are building blocks and leveraging the scalability of Ethereum. To talk a bit more about each point, building blocks pertain to keeping the open economy accessible for public good to all developers.

Developers signing up on Base gain access to a larger ecosystem that includes OP Labs and several other teams purely to strengthen the public good. Having a large number of developers comes in handy since it gives helping hands on the code for a better chance of securing and spotting the Foundation.

Base has acknowledged that it is the second largest developer on OP Stack after OP Labs. Thereby, announcing that it will keep working with Optimism Collective to scale the OP Stack. So far, Base has been able to leave a lasting impact through its contributions not just to OP Stack but also to the scalability of Layer-2.

Next comes leveraging the scalability of Ethereum. This is teased to be achieved through several interoperable chains. Base and Optimism share a mutual vision of scaling Ethereum via Superchain. Chains that are a part of the network will grant developers access to move and transact across different chains conveniently and at an economic cost. As for customers, they will be offered a consistent experience during the course when the work of strengthening decentralization is being conducted.

Elements, or rather initiative, that Base looks up to are:

  • Technical improvements
  • Contributing to public goods
  • Commitment to neutrality framework

Technical improvements are to inch closer to decentralization. Vitalik categorizes the levels of decentralization from Stage 0 to 2. The basic step is Stage 0, reflecting the value that the venture is on full training wheels. Moving up the ladder is Stage 2, which means that the venture is not on any training wheel.

Layer-2 solutions are aiming to enter and master Stage 2 with no player in that ecosystem as of the moment, as mentioned by Base in its announcement.

Commitment to neutrality principles means committing to the Law of Chains. This is the most common standard for protocols in order to protect users, chain governors, and chain operators.

Finally, it all comes down to funding and supporting public goods. The ultimate objective is to onboard a billion users and million builders through a virtuous cycle that strongly commits to sustainable funding for innovation and growth.

The community has responded positively to this development, with most of them anticipating an airdrop in the future.

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