Basic Attention Token (BAT) Price Analysis : BAT to Touch $0.348 in 2019

Basic Attention Token or BAT radically improves the efficacy of digital advertising with the creation of a new token that gets exchanged between advertisers, publishers, and users. All these are based on Ethereum Blockchain. One can use this token to have a variety of attention and advertising based services on this BAT platform. The utility of this token relies on its user attention which implies upon the fact that it is a person’s focused mental engagement. It uses Brave Browser that is a fast, open source and privacy-focused. It blocks malicious advertisements and uses a ledger system that anonymously attracts user attention for accurately rewarding publishers.

Current status of BAT

BAT is currently getting traded at USD 0.198184 (UTC time 08:52). It is the 25th largest cryptocurrency with a circulating supply of 1,240,566,787 BAT worth of USD 245,860,259. Compared to its yesterday’s value, the price of BAT has been reduced by -2.70%. It is currently following a bearish trend.

Price analysis of BAT on the basis of Basic Attention Token charts


The above chart shows that at present BAT is getting traded at 0.198199 USD or 0.00005041 BTC (UTC time 08:54). Its present market cap has a trading value of 245,878,996 USD with 25,777,883 USD as its 24h volume. The same chart shows that the value of BAT, nearly one month back, was 0.129087 USD. Considering these two price points, we can say that the value of BAT within this 1 month has got hiked up by 53.53% with 0.141046 USD as a good support resistance. Value of BAT in this 1 month has been on a bullish trend.

Future price prediction of BAT

According to Crypto Ground, by the end of this year, BAT can be trading around $0.2182 which is a 66.21% increase over its present value. The Digital Coin Price’s Prediction is somewhat similar to the above, and they too have forecasted that by the end of this year, BAT can be worth of approx. $0.2141. They too are very much conservative regarding long term forecast of BAT as they said it could be around only $0.545 by 2025. According to the Wall investor, it can be approx. $0.0365 by December 2019.

So, by the above predictions, we assume that this year can be fruitful to BAT provided it performs its best to attract number of users. It’s better to wait for long term investment on BAT.

Summing up

Based on BAT price prediction, BAT is susceptible to maintain a bullish trend throughout this year. Its value is prone to increase in future also. It must attract number of investors to raise its value gradually.

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