Basic Attention Token Price Analysis: Aggravation Towards the Bearish Zone Continues In the Price Momentum of BAT

The volatile market condition of the crypto sphere has ruined expectations of the crypto traders recently. The way BAT is getting deterred has completely invalidated its potentials. Although it’s not the coin, the depressing market condition is something wherein that altcoin like BAT cannot combat so easily. On top of that, the erratic nature of BTC is something that one should not forget while talking about trading values of BAT because it is losing its significant value to BTC day by day.

BAT Price Current statistics:

  • Price in USD: 0.3294 USD (2:55 UTC)
  • Price in BTC: 0.00004114 BTC
  • Market cap: 417,835,683 USD
  • Market rank: 27
  • Circulating supply: 1,268,938,630 BAT

BAT Coin Price analysis and future price predictions:

Basic Attention Token Price Chart - 12 June

From the 5-day chart, it is pretty clear that holding on to the bullish range is becoming difficult for BAT, and as a result, it is falling now and then. Due to this rapid fall with the slightest surge, there is no support level which can provide a practical limit to the BAT values to trade in the bearish zone. On 8th June, BAT was traded at 0.3493 USD which was a bullish peak. On 7th and 8th June, it tried its best to maintain its value in the bullish zone in spite of getting fluctuated. But its momentum is steeping downwards instead of going uphill, and price shifts are noticeably higher. From 9th June onwards till now, it has been trading mostly in the bearish zone only. On 10th June, BAT was traded as low as 0.3192 USD. Within 5 days, the value of BAT is reduced by 3.09%. Considering these facts and according to Basic Attention Token Price Prediction, we think that in the upcoming weekend, BAT can have an approx. value of 0.3250 USD.


Therefore, we think that in the upcoming days, BAT will possibly not be in the upward trend as the volatile market will not let it be the same. Again, this depressing market condition is also not expected to improve before the end of this year because the price drop is for a greater extent of time when compared to the price surge period. So, the best idea is to wait for the right time to consider investing in an altcoin like BAT.

Trevor Holman

Trevor Holman follows crypto industry since 2011. He joined CryptoNewsZ as a news writer and he provides technical analysis pieces and current market data. He is also an avid trader. In his free time, he loves to explore unexplored places.

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