Basic Attention Token Price Analysis: BAT Keeps Plunging With A Major Change As Compared To Other Altcoins

According to a recent report by Shapeshift Stories, BAT’s Brave browser is one of the coolest projects of the crypto space. In its latest article, the website acknowledged that Brave browser seeks to revolutionize how web publishers make money for users. In Brave browser, it is done via voluntary micro-payments using BAT token, which means that paywalls, annoying pop-ups, and ads are a thing of the past.

Current Statistics of BAT Coin:

  • On August 09, at UTC 06:50, Basic Attention Token (BAT) vs. USD is trading around 0.21233 USD.
  • Against Bitcoin, the crypto was valued around 0.00001765 BTC per chip.
  • At present, the market rank of Basic Attention Token (BAT) is 33rd in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Additionally, the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency was around 291,363,501 USD.
  • At the same time, the 24-hour trading volume in the altcoin was 30,238,449 USD.
  • With a return on investment of 24.07%, a total of 1,276,725,522 BAT chips were circulating in the market at the time of writing.

BAT to USD Price Comparison:

BAT Price Prediction
BAT Price Chart by TradingView

On July 15, Basic Attention Token (BAT) was trading around 0.22942 USD. Nevertheless, today after 25-days, the crypto has declined by 7.45%. In the last week of trading, the altcoin has made a dip of 9.25% from the trading price of 0.23417 USD on August 03. The digital currency has declined in yesterday’s trading as well. On the other day, the coin opened at 0.221503 USD, and with a substantial decline of 5.34%, it wrapped the day at 0.209671 USD.

Basic Attention Token Price Prediction:

While most of the altcoins have stabilized in last two days of trading or moreover fluctuated in the rage of 1% (up or down), BAT kept declining at the rate of more than 5%. The long-term returns in the digital currency are expected to be massive, the organization needs to put in a lot of effort. For now, the immediate resistance for the coin is at 0.224775 USD, and the support level is at 0.221059 USD.


Mere appreciation of Brave browser is not enough for BAT chips. The community, as well as developers, need to work hard for uplifting the crypto from its current position. However, everything for the altcoin is not ‘Havel,’ and it still has a lot of potentials. However, for further price updates, you must read more about BAT price prediction to understand the correct time of investment in this coin.

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