Basic Attention Token Price Analysis: BAT Starts Picking Up Its Momentum But Does That Indicate Anything Positive After So Long?

The market condition of the crypto sphere has attained no new heights as of now. This implies upon the fact that due to the characteristics of the market being volatile can adversely impact the altcoins. Again, not to forget about the most dominant, erratic and turbulent BTC due to which all altcoins are substantially losing their value and running on the bearish trend. Earlier also, it was noticed that BAT picked up its momentum towards the bullish zone but was hardly able to retain the same as it is currently persisting enough to rise above and hold its prices there.

BAT Coin Price Current statistics:

  • Price in USD: 0.3321 USD (02:50 UTC)
  • Price in BTC: 0.00004094 BTC
  • Market cap: 421,557,046 USD
  • Market rank: 26
  • Circulating supply: 1,268,938,630 BAT

BAT Coin Price analysis and future price predictions:

BAT Price Chart - 13 June

The 1-day chart shows that BAT started peeping up in the bullish zone and has even attained a peak of 0.3355 USD. Yesterday only, it started rising, but still, it has no effective support levels for in the past few days, it had mostly been traded in the bearish zone. Yesterday, its value was as low as 0.3266 USD. So, considering these two price points, it is quite visible that until now, there is no great shift in its price. Within 1 day, the value of BAT is raised by 2.72%, which is sufficient considering the fluctuating rate of BAT. But the main thing is that how far it will be able to retain this upward trend as the market condition for the coin as mentioned earlier is not very supportive, and it also lacks effective support levels. In simple words, the persistence of its bullish trend will be difficult. Considering the facts, we think that in the upcoming days, BAT can be around 0.3302 USD.


It is to get into the mind that slightest hike towards bullish trend does not indicate BAT persistence in the same zone. There have been many improvements in its Brave Browser recently. Still, it seems that it is not able to create a good impact so far, its sustenance and increase in its values are concerned. As per BAT Price Forecast by experts, if it is unable to maintain the current momentum, it may again have a dip and can again get traded in the bearish zone.

Trevor Holman

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