Basic Attention Token Price Analysis: BAT’s Persistent Bearish Trend Will Turn More Aggressive In The Upcoming Days

Currently, the survival of all altcoins has become a matter of high interest as erratic and turbulent nature of BTC is so unpredictable that it is expected in this year, 95% of successful ICOs and cryptocurrency projects will fail. We all know about the rich potential of BAT and the way Brave Browser is evolving itself with the latest updates. But no matter how hard it tries to regain back its value, its momentum has greatly reduced due to which it aggravated fully towards the bearish zone.

BAT Coin Price Current status:

  • Price in USD: 0.3442 USD (UTC time 01:29)
  • Price in BTC: 0.00004291 BTC
  • Circulating supply: 1,267,888,630 BAT
  • Market cap: 437,473,445 USD
  • Market rank: 26

BAT Coin Price analysis and future price predictions:

Basic Attention Token Price Chart - 8 June

The above 5-day chart shows that bearish trend of BAT is highly dominant due to which even if it tries to pick up its momentum, the next moment, it will be deterred again to being in the sensitive zone. This is further aggravated due to the absence of effective support levels. On 3rd June, it had a great dip when it was traded at 0.3160 USD. Although it picked up its momentum to a bullish range of 0.3557 USD but could not hold longer and again declined to the bearish zone. On 6th June, its price fell as low as 0.3105 USD. As observed from the chart, it is still traded in the bearish zone only. Within a span of 5 days, the value of BAT is deterred by 3.22%. The arrow in the chart highlights that BAT has a higher propensity to repeatedly drop down in the bearish zone in the upcoming days. Consequently, according to Basic Attention Token Price Forecast, we believe that in the upcoming days, BAT can be around 0.3278 USD considering the bearish prices highlighted.



In spite of knowing the fact that BAT is a highly potential cryptocurrency, the way it is dropping down has created an alert among its investors. This is the reason why it will be better not to make any investment decision on BAT as of now and to wait for the right time till the volatility subsides to a great extent. Once a proper direction of the prices is observed, investors can plan on getting a short term or a medium-term investment in BAT. If you are BAT investor and want to know more about BAT prediction & forecast, go through our forecast page, where our experts mention BAT price prediction for the coming months.

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