Basic Attention Token Price Analysis: Will BAT’s Price Finally See An Upsurge?

  • BAT aims to solve the scalability issue in the digital advertising arena
  • Bulls are trying to get even with bears, the price of BAT has been oscillating between $0.27 – $0.36 over the past one month

Basic Attention Token (BAT), which is based on the Ethereum platform, improves the scalability of digital advertising by creating a new token that can be exchanged between creators, advertisers, and users. BAT is a viable platform, the price of which has got stuck in the current market volatility. The price of BAT over the past month has fluctuated in the range between $0.27 – $0.36, indicating that BAT price is trying hard to show an upward trend.

Latest Statistics of BAT Coin:

As on July 04, 2019 at 4:43:32 UTC, current statistics are as below:

Basic Attention Token Price Chart - 4 July
BAT Price Chart
  • The price of BAT is $0.3062
  • The Market Cap is around $390,593,661
  • 24 h volume is at $39,751,328
  • ROI is at a healthy 82.39%
  • Circulating supply is at 1,273,006,300 BAT

BAT Price Comparison:

The one-month price comparison chart for BAT is showing that though there are downswings in the price, the bulls are trying to make a comeback in the market. On June 06, the price was at $0.3078. From here, it went up to $0.3656 on June 17 after a gap of 10d 20h, showing an upward trend to the extent of a good 18.68%. Then it hit rock bottom at $0.2728 on June 22, showing a huge movement to the extent of 25.23% within 4d 22h 30m. It again recovered hugely to the extent of 32.35% on June 26 after a time span of 4d 7h. On July 01, the price again slid to $0.2884 within 4d 5h; the downward movement is 19.79%. The current day’s price is $0.3062; an upward swing is to the extent of 6.94%. The price variations in BAT indicate that though BAT price is trying to bounce back at regular intervals, the bears in the current market scenario are holding it back.

BAT Price Prediction:

It looks like the bearish trend in the crypto market is here to stay for some time though bulls are working on making their way back and will continue to influence the way the price of BAT will move. Though the BAT team is working hard to get the coin back on track, market uncertainty is currently working against it. According to our Basic Attention Token Forecast, the current crypto market scenario will continue to have downward movement on major altcoins, including BAT, and the trend is expected to last till the year-end. Get a complete idea about BAT coin price prediction clicking here.



The current market uncertainty has given investors a hard time. Investors are asked to wait and not speculate as they could incur losses in the bargain.

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