Basic Attention Token Price Analysis: Will Declining Prices Sink BAT’s Hopes Further?

  • BAT aims to change the digital advertising setup
  • Continuing price volatility dampening the spirit of the BAT community

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a cryptocurrency on the blockchain platform that is set to change the content creator’s payment landscape and the way users view adverts. It is an Ethereum based platform created with mass adoption in mind. The development team is trying to increase its marketability by getting the latest features of Brave Browser and other updates, but the current negative market sentiment is making things worse for BAT. Over the last 24 hours, the price has been moving in the range of $0.29 – $0.36, indicating that the current volatility is affecting BAT also.

Latest Statistics of BAT Coin:

As on July 02, 2019 at5:59:50 UTC, current statistics is as below:

BAT Price Chart - 2 July
BAT Price Chart
  • Current market price is $0.3130
  • Current market rank is 29
  • Current market cap is around $398,534,591
  • 24 h volume is at $71,964,800
  • ROI is at a steady 86.36 %
  • Circulating supply is at 1,271,156,300 BAT

BAT to USD Price Comparison:

Over the past 24-hours, the price of BAT has shown an upward swing. This should be the good news, but the crypto market is unpredictable, nothing much can be made from it, as there is the possibility of prices hitting in the opposite direction. The price of BAT started on a low note at $0.2963 on July 01. Within 6h 46m, the price shot up to 0.3400, showing an upward movement of 14.97%. In 8h 18m, the price went downwards to $0.3101, showing a movement of 8.88%. In 5h 35m, the price again bounced back to $0.3462, showing an upward momentum of 11.64%. Today’s price is $ 0.3130 (at the time of penning down), which is lower by 13.85%. Looking at the price movement, it can be seen that the price has shown a lot of variation within 24 hours due to the fluctuations in the crypto market.

BAT Price Prediction:

BAT’s current price variations are going to be there for a while at least till the crypto market starts coming out of the bear phase and shows stability. The team is trying to get BAT on track, but the price volatility is dampening the very effort. According to the expert’s, the market condition will not stabilize for some time until then BAT is expected to remain mainly in the bearish zone. If you want to know more about BAT prediction visit here our forecast page.


The present condition of the market does not leave much scope for taking any investment decisions and could lead to a loss-making situation. If the situation continues, then investors are advised to wait until the year-end when the market condition is expected to stabilize.

Trevor Holman

Trevor Holman follows crypto industry since 2011. He joined CryptoNewsZ as a news writer and he provides technical analysis pieces and current market data. He is also an avid trader. In his free time, he loves to explore unexplored places.

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