Battle for Giostone is climbing the Web3 gaming ladder with Avalanche

Battle for Giostone has announced that it will start building on Avalanche to leverage all the potential benefits. Battle for Giostone, a MOBA eSports video game, will undoubtedly disseminate these to the gaming community.

The news comes ahead of the Avalanche Summit, which is set to take place in the coming week. The advantages of Battle for Giostone include security, scalability, decentralization, and community.

Per the announcement, Avalanche’s presence in a huge community is a much-needed benefit that Battle for Giostone could have asked for. Others are generic, which every game developer looks for when partnering with a network.

Avalanche is expected to help Battle for Giostone facilitate the purchase of digital items in the game. These will happen without hampering the overall user experience. As a matter of fact, the same aspect is expected to have a snowball effect, which could lead to a seamless transition of eSports gamers from Web2 to Web3.

It has to be noted that the gaming experience with Battle for Giostone will remain free-to-play. A change will be indicated for those willing to take matters into their own hands. Blockchain technology has supported the gaming community, irrespective of their region or content size. A major source of support, however, has been the financial aspect.

Gamers concern themselves with executing a transaction without thinking about the method. This includes Card, Google, or Apple Pay. Battle for Giostone and Avalanche are carrying this forward under the collaboration while enabling them to keep the elements of cryptocurrency on the backend.

The financial aspect of the Battle for Giostone will, therefore, continue moving securely and speedily on a straight road.

Every possible benefit that the gaming community for Battle for Giostone can think of will be made possible by Avalanche. That’s what Avalanche allows us to do, said Battle for Giostone in the announcement, pretty much concluding the extent to which the network is backing them.

Gamers moving from Web2 to Web3 is a slot process, and only a minor percentage of them go on to live the dream of being professionals. The collaboration of Battle for Giostone and Avalanche is all set to change that.

The announcement talks about how the first wave of Web3 gaming was flawed, saying that it allowed everyone to compete and earn without limitations. This led to a massive rise in inflation, causing losses for some and profits for others. Battle for Giostone has observed the impacts and is working to take its own tokenomics model forward. AVAX was last seen exchanging hands at $16.66. AVAX forecast sees the price jump to a maximum of $36.46 mark. What makes this tentative is the recent development, which could turn the tables in any direction.

Battle for Giostone: working on the sidelines will surely yield fruits. Their taste remains to be seen in the coming days. The gaming industry has excelled so far, and therefore, it is less likely to see a major downfall in the achievement of the mission.

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