BCF Chief Helen Hai Speaks to Anthony Pompliano on His Podcast on YouTube

Binance Charity Foundation Chief Helen Hai recently spoke to Anthony Pompliano on his popular podcast on YouTube. The conversation gave a brief view into the life of BCF’s rather understated head, who has managed to stay low profile despite being in charge of one of the crypto industry’s largest philanthropic initiatives.

Anthony himself is one of the most prominent analysts in the industry and is Co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, a crypto hedge fund backed by Morgan Creek Capital. On his YouTube channel, he interviews personalities from various segments, and his podcast called ‘Off The Chain’ has become quite popular among enthusiasts. A couple of days ago, Anthony released the podcast with Hai and can be seen asking her several questions seeking insights into the philanthropic side of the crypto industry.

When asked why did she join a novice charity foundation like BCH, Hai said,

“I know CZ for more than 10 years, and we are friends, even before Binance. He was on the front cover of the Forbes magazine on February 2018, and we had a lunch actually together around March, and during the lunch we did not talk about the company first. We talked about purpose, and him, after being on the Forbes magazine, was thinking about the purpose, much like my journey in Africa, after which I was thinking about the purpose in life.”

Speaking on her background, Hai said that she was born in the north-eastern province in China, and moved to England at the age of 13 to complete her education. She stated that she is a trained actuary, which she considers to be the “most boring job in the world.” Hai, as per the interview, has been working on philanthropic projects in Africa and joined Binance Charity Foundation a couple of years ago.

You can watch the complete podcast here.

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