BCW Group takes over hashgraph.name domain service

The BCW Group has taken over the hashgraph.name domain service and will initiate total business and technical functions related to the platform. BCW is a venture studio and business solution company. Its expertise lies in creating the central framework and decentralized services throughout Web3. BCW has been instrumental in delivering multiple significant services in the Hedera ecosystem, like Hashport, a linking facility and Arkhia, a development tool and mirror node framework service. 

Up until now, almost 18,000 .hbar account handles have been created with a view towards Hedera accounts by hashgraph.name. The service handles allow for users on Hedera Public Network to be able to conveniently create a chosen account to be exposed and yet maintaining its unknown identity. The option of a singular look custom moniker lessens the chances for mistakes while transferring tokens and data amongst accounts. 

BCW is aware of the impact with regards to a naming service that is possible on a network’s ecosystem. Like the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) has proved, lessening complex and random public wallet addresses to common words, opens the doors for furthering network acceptability, utilization, and safety factors. Over and above that, customized names offer a required tool for businesses to create their own Web3 solutions.

BCW has been associated with Hedera since 2018 and carried out enhancements on the network with the help of the necessary tools. The company is engaged with The HBAR Foundation and The Hashgraph Association for consultation purposes to businesses wanting to create use cases on Hedera. BCW also pitches the Hedera Consensus Service.

This takeover opens the doors for furthering fresh ecosystem associations. With the constant increasing of Hedera’s technical expertise, opportunities will open up for increasing the usefulness and value of the names utilized by accounts through the service rendered. The platform will play out the way in which Hedera’s DLT technology can be used for building prime public services. The platform is in for a fresh UI and branding. In the upcoming days, the hashgraph.name will be forming more associations with multiple Hedera ecosystem dApps, business houses and services.

The moment is ripe for accounts that are listed for a year, to go in for a renewal. This is slated for the 9th of September, 2023. In the meantime, the service will be operating a one-time promotional offer on renewals for every .hbar name, followed by a fresh price structure.

hashgraph.name is the initial domain name service on the Hedera Public Network. It provides users the option of owning their selected custom Hedera account handles. Their priority is to build on custom domains on Hedera, providing the opportunity for account owners to connect with the wider Web3 ecosystem through their selected names.

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