BlockDAG’s X1 app enables investors to earn $20 daily; Filecoin stabilizes after downtrend and Stellar upgrades

The Filecoin price target is undergoing adjustments amid market fluctuations, reflecting the challenges in the cryptocurrency landscape. Meanwhile, the Stellar upgrade is poised to enhance network capabilities, introducing new opportunities for developers and users alike. Amidst these developments, BlockDAG (BDAG) emerges as a key player, with its X1 mining app offering the potential to mine 20 BDAG coins daily and enabling investors to earn $20 per day when BDAG coin hits $1. This positions BlockDAG among the top bullish altcoins, hinting at a transformative future in mobile mining.

Filecoin advances amidst challenges 

Filecoin (FIL) is energizing its network through strategic enhancements by the newly formed FilOz team, aimed at refining protocol functions and fostering ecosystem growth. These developments could shape the long-term Filecoin price target, as the team’s focus is on security and scalability.

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Despite this positive momentum, short-term market reactions have been mixed. After a recent high of $6.69, the Filecoin price target has adjusted downwards to $5.83, reflecting the volatile nature of the crypto market. Nonetheless, projections remain optimistic, with a potential rise to $8.56 by the end of Q4 2024.

Stellar upgrade: New smart contract integration

Stellar is set to enhance its network capabilities significantly with the upcoming Stellar upgrade to its testnet on September 20. This move is a crucial step towards the mainnet launch of Soroban, Stellar’s ambitious smart contracts platform designed to streamline and expand the blockchain’s functionalities.

The Stellar upgrade introduces candidate versions of Stellar Core and Horizon, key components that maintain network integrity and facilitate smoother interaction between developers and the blockchain. By improving transaction validation processes and simplifying application deployment, Stellar aims to boost its system’s efficiency and user-friendliness. This foundational upgrade promises to position Stellar as a robust competitor in the blockchain space.

Mobile crypto mining: BlockDAG’s revolutionary approach

BlockDAG’s X1 mining app is setting a new standard in mobile cryptocurrency mining. The recent beta launch of the X1 app, on both Android and Apple platforms, has turned everyday smartphones into powerful mining machines. What makes X1 truly stand out is its energy-efficient algorithm that maximizes battery and data, allowing users to mine up to 20 BDAG coins daily without draining their phone’s resources.

The financial upside of using the X1 app cannot be overstated. BDAG coins are expected to reach a value of $1 in 2024 after the mainnet launch. Users can potentially earn $20 daily by mining coins using their X1 app. This easy entry into crypto mining offers not just a substantial passive income stream but also daily engagement rewards and a dynamic referral system. Investing in BlockDAG now means joining a movement set to transform how we think about and earn cryptocurrency.

Mobile crypto mining: BlockDAG's revolutionary approach

BlockDAG utilizes a novel technology framework outlined in their DAGpaper, leveraging Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) and an efficient proof of engagement (PoE) consensus mechanism. This groundbreaking approach ensures sustainable crypto engagement with minimal impact on device performance.

The excitement around BlockDAG’s potential is palpable, reflected in their stellar presale achievements as it recently crossed the massive $50 million milestone. With over 11.6 billion coins sold and the deployment of over 8000 mining rigs, BlockDAG presale has generated over $51.5 million. As one of the top bullish altcoins, BlockDAG is not just another investment; it’s a gateway to revolutionizing personal finance through technology. BlockDAG provides an opportunity to new crypto miners to join the mining revolution and be part of a future where a smartphone does more than connect—it earns.

The bottom line

As the Filecoin price target adapts to market changes and Stellar continues to innovate with key upgrades, BlockDAG sets itself apart as a leader among top bullish altcoins. With its X1 mining app, BlockDAG not only offers the potential to mine 20 BDAG coins daily but also presents a significant investment opportunity during its presale. Now is the time to explore BlockDAG’s promising future, where every smartphone owner can potentially earn $20 daily.

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