Analysts hail BlockDAG top bullish crypto with predicted 20,000x ROI as XRP potential defies expectations and ICP price set for rally

As the crypto prices come back from the recent correction, analysts are heralding the arrival of the next bull cycle, issuing highly optimistic price predictions for most major tokens. With XRP showing potential to reach $1000, ICP is aiming towards a major rally and overshadowing this. In the presale market, BlockDAG (BDAG) is dominating investor attention with its projected 20,000 ROI potential, according to analysts. 

The project has now moved on to its 8th (out of 45 in total) presale batch, selling BDAG coins at $0.0045 each. Investors should act quickly as the presale price is slated to rise with each subsequent batch. 

Internet Computer (ICP) price is poised for a rally

Internet Computer price has recently achieved a significant milestone by surpassing the $20 mark, following a consolidation phase within the range of $10.30 to $16.30. Presently, it’s trading around $17, indicating signs of a new consolidation phase near the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level from its recent ascent. This resilience is further bolstered by ICP trading above its 50-day moving average, suggesting the potential for a sustained bullish trend, according to technical analysis.

BlockDAG presale is here

Looking forward, if the Internet Computer (ICP) price maintains its position above $16, there’s potential for the bullish trend to continue, possibly reaching $21 and even $25, marking a potential increase of over 34%. Conversely, a failure to sustain above $16 could lead to a retracement towards $13 or potentially down to $10, signaling a potential decrease of around 43%.

Exploring XRP potential: Analyst predicts $1,000 milestone

Crypto market analyst BarriC has recently made a bold prediction that XRP could surge to $1,000, a price point that would represent a staggering 169,391% increase from its current value of $0.59. Such a rise would boost XRP’s market capitalization to $55 trillion, surpassing gold’s valuation of $15.7 trillion and dwarfing the entire crypto market’s current cap of $2.54 trillion.


BarriC bases his analysis on the historical price growth of crypto like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and XRP itself, drawing comparisons to their humble beginnings and subsequent explosive growths to argue that the skepticism surrounding XRP’s potential future valuation mirrors past doubts about crypto valuations. He suggests the crypto market’s capacity for exponential growth, coupled with the prospective influx of over $400 trillion in personal and institutional wealth into the market, could fuel such an unprecedented rise. 

BlockDAG: Tech whitepaper ignites FOMO for massive ROI 

BlockDAG (BDAG) has rapidly risen as a standout in the crypto landscape, securing an impressive $15.2 million in batch 8 so far and ambitiously targeting $600M by the end of 2024.

With a vision to democratize crypto mining, BlockDAG introduces an array of mining solutions that cater to diverse needs. This includes the innovative X-series mining rigs, a user-friendly cloud mining service, and a highly efficient mining app. The X-series rigs offer the potential for up to $100 daily in passive income by mining BDAG and other major cryptos like BTC. Meanwhile, the BlockDAG mining app, available on both Google Play and the Apple Store, promises up to 20 BDAG coins mined daily with minimal impact on battery life.

The launch of BlockDAG’s V2 technical whitepaper at the Las Vegas Sphere event unveiled the project’s strategic approach to overcoming the inherent limitations of traditional blockchain technology. By leveraging Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology, BlockDAG (BDAG) enhances network efficiency, significantly reduces transaction times, and scales operations more effectively. 

BlockDAG's V2

Currently in its 8th presale batch, BDAG coins are priced at an attractive $0.0045. However, the price is set to rise incrementally with each subsequent batch, culminating at $0.05 by the time of listing. Investors are encouraged to act quickly as the presale is projected to sell out within just three months. Furthermore, analysts project a staggering 20,000x ROI for early investors, touting it as the top bullish crypto in 2024. 

Final words

Internet Computer (ICP) price is on the cusp of a major rally. Meanwhile, experts are bullish on Ripple, with one analyst projecting XRP to climb to $1000. In the presale market, BlockDAG (BDAG) has stirred quite a buzz by showcasing its V2 technical whitepaper at the Las Vegas Sphere and eyeing a jaw-dropping 20,000 ROI, as projected by analysts. 

presale now blockdag network

The project has now raised $15.2M and sets its sights on the $600M fundraising goal by 2024. However, the presale is likely to sell out much sooner, considering how fast the project moves forward from one batch to the next. 

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