BlockDAG’s presale record of 7.3 billion coins sold sets market on fire amidst Solana’s Q1 surge and high ICP forecast

Solana blockchain ended the first quarter of 2024 on a high note, facilitating a whopping 2.4 billion transactions. However, the ICP price prediction continued to dip after the DFINITY Foundation launched Olympus.

On the other hand, BlockDAG smashed the records as it unveiled its technical whitepaper, initiated batch eight, raised $16.4M in presales, and sold over 7.3 billion coins. With coins priced at $0.0045 each, BlockDAG boasts an astronomical profit potential, offering an impressive 30,000x ROI. With a fundraising goal of $600 million by the end of 2024, it is the premier choice among the top 10 cryptos to invest in.

ICP Price Prediction Continues to Decline Despite Olympus Launch

The downtrend persisted despite a surge to $21 last month, even with the introduction of Olympus by the DFINITY Foundation. ICP’s price slipped beneath the critical support level of $16.28, its highest peak on January 3rd, and has fallen below the psychological threshold of $20. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) has dipped below the neutral mark.

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On a positive note, it remains above the 50-day Weighted Moving Average (WMA). Consequently, the ICP token may decline to the initial support level of $13.8 before resuming its bullish trajectory. Alternatively, the other ICP price prediction holds the potential for a price rebound as the ICP token has exhibited a break and retest pattern by reaching $16.30.

Solana Blockchain Dominates Q1 Transaction Volume

Solana blockchain concluded the first quarter of 2024 on a high note, solidifying its position as the most extensively utilized blockchain platform by a significant margin. It outpaced the combined transaction volume of the next nine leading chains, cementing its status as the third-highest revenue-generating blockchain in March.

Examining Solana’s achievements in Q1, data revealed an impressive tally of 2.4 billion transactions facilitated by the platform. This remarkable feat underscores Solana’s dominance, especially when considering that the cumulative transaction count of the subsequent nine networks pales compared to Solana’s.

While Solana has traditionally been at the forefront of transaction activity in the Web3 domain, the recent surge in memecoin speculation tested its capabilities. The influx of newly created coins on the chain contributed to a surge in transaction volumes and increased fee revenue for the network. Solana’s revenue experienced a nearly six-fold increase compared to the previous month, highlighting the platform’s resilience and adaptability in response to evolving market trends.

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BlockDAG’s Explosive Potential Unveiling a Path to Phenomenal Returns

BlockDAG’s eighth presale batch is currently trading at $0.0045, offering lucrative returns for early investors. With projections of a remarkable 30,000x return on investment (ROI) upon its official launch, BlockDAG stands out as a top performer in the crypto sphere.

The project’s clear roadmap, including a planned mainnet launch within six months and an ambitious goal of reaching $600 million in 2024, provides investors transparency and a strategic outlook. Additionally, BlockDAG’s community involvement strategy, offering a 10% referral bonus for all referred investors, fosters a symbiotic relationship between the project and its supporters.

With 50 billion coins (33% of the total supply) allocated for the presale phase, early backers are incentivized with special rates, boosting BlockDAG’s visibility and engagement in the crypto market.

Furthermore, the recent launch of the BDAG website’s Dev Releases page offers the community access to the latest developments and updates from the BlockDAG network’s ongoing development. This addition aims to enhance community engagement and give users real-time insights into the evolving crypto landscape.


Key Takeaways

Uncertainty surrounds ICP price predictions, with the looming question of whether the dip will persist or if the price will reverse to the upside in the days ahead.

While the Solana blockchain was undeniably buzzed with activity in Q1, the heightened network usage revealed some vulnerabilities in its infrastructure.

Meanwhile, experts predict that BlockDAG sales will surge to $5 million per day, a significant increase from the current $1 million daily. The platform has already amassed over $16.4 million in revenue and sold over 7.3 billion coins, attracting considerable investor interest. With a potential ROI of 30,000x, its allure is undeniable, further enhancing its appeal.

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