BlockDAG’s presale raises $11.6M! BitTorrent price witnesses surge and VENOM Blockchain mainnet released!

With the launch of VENOM Blockchain’s mainnet poised to revolutionize DeFi and BitTorrent’s predicted price surge thanks to technological enhancements and increased adoption, the spotlight turns to BlockDAG’s impressive presale performance raising $11.6 million alongside its innovative profit calculator thatl clarifies its platform’s potential for exponential returns, marking a significant leap in how Blockchain technology can drive profitability. BlockDAG’s crypto mining advancements, set against BitTorrent and VENOM Blockchain advancements, indicates a major advancement in applying Blockchain technology for financial gain.

BitTorrent’s promising future

BitTorrent price is forecasted to achieve new pricing milestones, with speculations pointing towards a peak of $0.00000412. Insights from CoinPedia suggest a robust close to 2024 at $0.00000242, spurred by significant security and system upgrades.


Although market shifts could adjust the average price to about $0.00000174, a less optimistic scenario might lower it to $0.00000106. These projections highlight BitTorrent’s dynamic evolution and broader implications within the crypto sphere.

VENOM Blockchain’s innovative launch

VENOM Blockchain ushers in a new standard in Blockchain innovation with its mainnet release, featuring the $VENOM token. It aims to transform finance across various sectors, highlighted by key partnerships and backing from significant investment groups.

As reported, VENOM showcased its potential during its Testnet phase, with nearly 972 million transactions and the creation of over 35.6 million NFTs. Its forward-looking Mesh Networks initiative promises enhanced interchain communication, essential for developing CBDCs and stablecoins and solidifying VENOM Blockchain’s influential role in Blockchain’s future.

VENOM Blockchain

Exploring BlockDAG’s profitable opportunities

Emerging as a cornerstone for investors, BlockDAG’s crypto mining calculator is a testament to its $11.6 million presale triumph. In contrast to BitTorrent Price and VENOM Blockchain, BlockDAG blends ease of use with lucrative returns. It has introduced diverse mining options, from mobile mining with a daily yield of up to 2000 BlockDAG coins to sophisticated mining rigs.

With its presale price set at $0.0035 for the sixth batch, BlockDAG motivates investors to adopt a strategic approach, particularly with the anticipated price spike following its listing on major exchanges.

The profit calculator is a personalized guide for mining and investment, showcasing BlockDAG’s advantage in optimizing cryptocurrency gains over its peers. BDAG’s $11.6 million presale success notably showcases investors’ belief in its upcoming endeavours.

Promises to innovate v/s leading the charge towards innovation

The concurrent developments of VENOM Blockchain’s mainnet launch, the positive trajectory of BitTorrent’s price, and the debut of BlockDAG’s profit calculator signal a transformative phase in the crypto industry. These advancements illuminate BlockDAG’s potential, predicted to benefit early investors with 10000X ROI. This amalgamation of groundbreaking technology and strategic investment planning underscores the pivotal role of BlockDAG towards innovating current Blockchain standards and leading a new era in cryptocurrency.

VENOM Blockchain-BlockDAG

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