BlockDAG wows crypto investors with whitepaper; 20,000x ROI expected in 2024 while Dogecoin eyes $1, & FTM eyes recovery

The cryptocurrency market is enjoying a resurgence, with Bitcoin climbing back to around $70,000 and most altcoins showing positive trends. Among these, FTM is on the path to recovery, and DOGE is rallying towards a $1 target, as highlighted by a leading analyst.

In the presale sector, all eyes are on BlockDAG (BDAG), predicted to surge by 20,000x after its launch. BDAG coins are being snapped at just $0.005 each in its ninth presale batch. With the next batch imminent, prices are set to increase, making the current offer particularly enticing as the batch nears sellout.

Dogecoin sets sights on $1 milestone

The cryptocurrency community keenly observes Dogecoin (DOGE), especially with ongoing discussions about its potential adoption by Tesla as an official payment method. Although DOGE didn’t hit $1 in its last bullish phase, the sentiment is changing. With the crypto market’s overall positive outlook and significant upcoming events like Bitcoin’s fourth halving, influencers like Jake Gagain are optimistic, predicting DOGE could reach $1 by 2024 or 2025.

BlockDAG - the Viral sensation

Fantom (FTM) update

Fantom (FTM) has seen a noticeable decrease in its supply on exchanges, which has led to worries about potential price declines. This concern emerged after FTM’s price dropped from a three-year peak above $1.2, exacerbated by long-term holders liquidating their stakes. Despite these short-term bearish signs, there is still hope for FTM’s price recovery. Analysts believe that after the sell-off stabilizes, reduced supply pressure could help demand drive the price.

BlockDAG dominates presale conversations

BlockDAG has rapidly ascended in the crypto presale scene following celebrating its V2 technical whitepaper at the Las Vegas Sphere. This event helped draw an impressive $17.3 million into its presale, with over 7.5 billion BDAG coins sold. By integrating blockchain with Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology, BlockDAG addresses the blockchain trilemma effectively—enhancing security, scalability, and decentralization. The technology supports processing speeds of 10,000 to 15,000 transactions per second, establishing BlockDAG as a strong contender against heavyweights like Solana and Sei.

Early investors have seen a substantial return, with the BDAG price increasing from $0.001 in the first batch to $0.005 in the current ninth batch. Analysts are now forecasting a potential 20,000x return on investment once BlockDAG’s mainnet goes live.

Concluding thoughts

As the cryptocurrency market progresses, Dogecoin moves towards a $1 target, and Fantom (FTM) aims for a market rebound. In the competitive presale market, BlockDAG stands out with its significant ROI potential. Having already raised $17.3 million, BlockDAG is on a fast track toward a $600 million goal by the end of 2024, with projections of selling out within the next three months. This creates a sense of urgency among investors to capitalize on BlockDAG while it’s still early in its presale phase.

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