BlockDAG’s $22.4 million presale and strategic vesting schedule amidst crypto innovations outperforming TON and BNB

BlockDAG has made a significant move by introducing a 4-month vesting period to build long-term investor trust and commitment. This announcement comes as BlockDAG successfully enters its tenth batch, having raised over $22.4 million by selling over 8.4 billion coins with predictions for 30,000x ROI. A robust $100 million in liquidity supports this new vesting strategy to ensure a stable market introduction. Additionally, BlockDAG now accepts payments in various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, USDT (tron), Kaspa, and eight others, broadening accessibility for investors.

Toncoin reclaims its position in the market through Telegram integration

Toncoin, originally a part of Telegram’s blockchain strategy, has seen a revival and is now managed by the open network community. This coin sets itself apart from others like BNB by enabling secure and rapid transactions directly within the Telegram app, offering users the convenience of making payments during chats. Telegram has expanded Toncoin’s functionality to include features like decentralized storage and anonymous browsing, enhancing its utility as a multifaceted blockchain asset.

roi beyond dreams - blockdag

BNB evolves beyond its initial utility token status

BNB has transformed from its original role as a mere utility token for fee payment on the Binance exchange to become the foundational fuel for the Binance Smart Chain. This evolution supports crucial transaction processing and dApp operations within the Binance ecosystem. To sustain and potentially increase its value, Binance implements a regular token burn, systematically reducing the BNB supply as demand grows.

BlockDAG’s strategic expansion and commitment to long-term growth

BlockDAG’s recent introduction of eight additional crypto payment options marks a significant expansion of its platform, providing investors with more flexibility. Now accepting major cryptos such as BTC, USDT, XRP, MATIC, KAS, FTM, DOGE, SHIB, SOL, & ADA, BlockDAG makes investing easier for a broader audience. With a focus on securing long-term growth, the newly implemented four-month vesting period aligns the investors’ interests with the project’s sustained success. This strategy not only discourages short-term trading but stabilizes the market by controlling the release of coins.

BlockDAG's strategic expansion and commitment to long-term growth

In addition to $22.4M in BDAG coin sales, BlockDAG has raised $2.4M from selling over 5156 crypto mining rigs. Market experts anticipate a potential 30,000x return on investment (ROI) when BlockDAG officially launches.

Why BlockDAG is a top investment choice?

For those new to investing or looking for secure, long-term crypto investments, BlockDAG stands out as a superior option compared to competitors like BNB & TON. Introducing a four-month vesting period is particularly significant, as it helps protect investments and fosters a reliable and trustworthy investment environment. With each batch release, investors have seen a 50% increase in value, with projections reaching a 4900% increase by the final 45th batch. BlockDAG promises substantial 30,000x returns and demonstrates a commitment to stability and investor confidence with $22.4 million in the presale phase.

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