Bearish Run Sticks to IOTA and Other Altcoins

  • IOTA price diminishes in the opening hour of the trading duration.
  • The intraday traders can expect an improvement by the end.

The market entered the last quarter with a lot of hopes. With every passing day, we have experienced a lot of volatility in the market. Many coins started falling tremendously like Bitcoin, while others were spotted creating support. IOTA (MIOTA) has experienced a similar movement as the coin is currently at $0.27. Well, the fluctuation invited a pullback in IOTA. If we look at yesterday’s chart, IOTA was seen hovering at a high of $0.277107 and a low of $0.267778 with a trading volume of $6,469,440.

IOTA to USD Price Analysis:

The data feed is taken from Biftinex on October 07, 2019 at 03:41:36 UTC.

IOTA Chart
IOTA Price Chart by TradingView

The coin started trading at $0.276, yesterday and took a marginal fall of 0.44% from $0.276 to $0.275. The fall was locked in IOTA which took the price to $0.270 by 1.77%. There was a recovery in the price which brought it back to $0.279 but later fell tremendously, which took IOTA to $0.26. The intraday loss was marked as 2.70% as the currency closed the trading day at $0.269. Today, there is a slight movement in the price. It is hovering around $0.269 with a possibility of a slight upsurge.

IOTA has performed marvelously in the first two quarters. The disappointing movement in the price started in the third quarter. The anticipation for improvement is quite high from IOTA as the traders aim at eyeing for a much higher level from IOTA in the future. Click here to read more about MIOTA Price Prediction for upcoming years to plan when to invest in it! The traders who are interested in IOTA are recommended to opt for long-term investment. The same is likely to give a colossal profit in the future.

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