Beatport, Polkadot & Aventus collab to launch

Beatport, which happens to be an absolute world leader in electronic music for the benefit of Producers, DJs, and the corresponding fans, will soon be launching This is a collectible digital marketplace that will be introducing electronic music scenarios to Web3. 

In order to carry this out, the entity has joined hands with Polkadot. The deliverance of will be taking place on Aventus, which happens to be a Polkadot parachain, as well as a Web3 solutions provider for the sake of organizations. 

With this being the entity’s very first permanent space in the Web3 arena, labels, along with artists, will find themselves in the position of being able to build and carry out selling activities of one-of-its-kind digital assets and simultaneously working on furthering connectivity with fans. will be actively engaged in providing Artists, record labels, as well as music fans the opportunity of gaining from Web3. There will also be the option for the fans to be able to scour the value of collectibles while forming greater connectivity with their desired artists, as well as DJs.  

In the case of digital collectibles, at times, they will be playing the role of fan engagement tools for artists and labels, with the offering of connectivity with bonus features like unreleased tracks and discounted tickets, as well as making available global events, along with interactive exposure. In this case scenario, the NFTs will happen to be allocated through Aventus, an entity that is connected with prime organizations for the deliverance of Web3 use cases. This will come from their extensive array of modular as well as composable products. 

According to the SVP of Beatport’s Media Group, Ed Hill, in order to be able to make developments related to the electronic music arena, it became necessary to get associated with Polkadot. The entity, being an absolute topper in the blockchain space, along with its open and interoperable ecosystem, will be providing the opportunity for a smooth and convenient connection with Web3. This will, in turn, enhance the very way the fans will interact with their chosen artists.  

The CEO of Parity Technologies, a prime associate of the Polkadot network, Bjorn Wagner, feels that there was always the requirement of the music industry to gain further backing from Web3. This will now become achievable with this amalgamation. 

As per the Founder and CEO of Aventus, Alan Vey, Web3 has opened the doors for a much more advanced and effective way for artists to connect with their fans. The fans will also benefit from the availability of various fresh content, along with being in the position of building communities and having loyalty. 

Beatport and Polkadot will also be jointly engaged in the organizing of ten big-time events to be spread out over the coming eighteen months. Every event will witness the launching of a fresh NFT collection which will be made available through Polkadot-incorporated wallets. The production of all of the events will be taken care of by Beatport. The entity has been engaged with the DJ scenario for the past two decades. It has to its credit, catalogs containing over 16 million tracks and is associated with more than 91,000 record labels.  

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