BEFE coin shines bright as the hottest crypto of the week

Scheduled for April 20, Bitcoin’s halving event is a few days away. There are stoking speculations about whether the largest cryptocurrency will perform comparably to prior halvings.

During the prior halving events, miners’ hash rate declined, limiting the total BTC’ new supply into the market. Hence, growing speculation is that a similar drop will be seen this year. While some experts favor this speculation, other crypto experts believe the rate might fall but rebound after the halving event.

Amid this uncertainty, BEFE Coin, a relatively new meme coin, is beginning to shine brightly in the market, gaining more recognition among renowned investors.

This article looks into the reason for BEFE’s shine and the speculations surrounding the BTC halving event.

Growing speculations surrounding Bitcoin

Bitcoin is currently hovering around the $70,000 threshold, down from its $73,000 record high in March. 

Bearish bets flooding in have driven the max pain price for the April 26 options expiry to $60,000. Since Bitcoin’s current price surpasses this maximum pain threshold, market makers might seek to drive it down before April 26. 

While options positioning indicates that bears are in control in April, bets for the rest of the year show a more bullish bias. Experts are optimistic that bulls will increase buying pressure and, consequently, Bitcoin’s value in Q3. 

Why BEFE will keep shining?

BEFE Coin is a new meme coin set to dominate the market in 2024. Its price performance has seen it as the crypto of the week. 

After surging by approximately 500% last December, BEFE Coin had an impressive start to the year, surging by nearly 30% in January. 

Despite plummeting by about 46% in the next two months, BEFE has rebounded, aiming to go to the top.

For the past 60 days, BEFE has grown in traction and acceptance, leaving investors curious about its bullish signal, which has favored early adopters.

Based on technical analysis, BEFE confirms a bullish long-term trend. Experts further suggest that BEFE Coin will surge by 3000% in the second quarter.


While cute dog tokens like DOGE and SHIB had their moments in previous years, now it’s BEFE’s time to shine and claim the meme king title. Its creation aims to revive the lost glory days of meme coins.

Bound to become the go-to investment choice for top investors, BEFE is here to stay!

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