The MEME coin to watch: BEFE gains traction amid Solana network congestion

Accounting for approximately 6% of the total volume of cryptocurrencies traded in the last 24 hours, meme coins have grown from mere entertainments and bants into a lucrative sector of the cryptocurrency market. Dubbed as investors’ favorite spot for fun and profits, meme coins like $DOGE, $SHIBA, and $PEPE have rewarded top investors with massive profits while having fun with memes.

BEFE Coin has become a market watcher, recently gaining much attention from investors and supporting communities. Its traction has grown due to the increased sentiment among users and developers who prefer Bitgert as a better alternative amid Solana’s network congestion issues.

In the following paragraphs, we will take a sneak peek and try to understand what is driving BEFE’s surge in interest and how it relates to Bitgert.

What is BEFE Coin?

BEFE Coin is the ultimate meme king—the funniest and most meme-worthy crypto ever! 

BEFE was launched last December with no presale and zero taxes. The cute dog tokens and frog coins have had their moments in the previous years, but now it’s BEFE’s turn to shine and be crowned the meme king. It was created to bring back the lost glory days of meme coins. 

Although BEFE Coin was recently launched, it has pulled off one of the biggest rallies in the last six months, pumping by nearly 400% in less than a month. During this period, BEFE rewarded many of its early investors with mouth-watering profits after a remarkable price action.

How BEFE Relates to Bitgert?

One of the primary scalability challenges facing most cryptocurrency exchanges like Solana is network congestion, particularly during periods of high trading activity. This congestion can lead to transaction processing delays and higher user fees. 

Bitgert addresses this issue through its PoA consensus to provide short block time and lower fees for users on its blockchain, which has consequently seen a growth in adoption. 

While BEFE can be purchased on or Pancakeswap, users can also earn BEFE tokens as rewards within the Bitgert ecosystem when they stake its native cryptocurrency, BRISE.

Lately, Bitgert has enjoyed an influx of users and developers from Solana due to network congestion. This surge has consequently boosted BEFE’s traction.


BEFE Coin started the year well, with an evident spike of about 30% in the first week. As the halving event approaches, market experts anticipate BEFE will experience another significant surge in Q2. They expect BEFE to follow in Bitcoin’s footsteps and enjoy an incredible pump of at least 30x during this period.

Timing is crucial for success in the market, especially when it comes to life-changing opportunities like BEFE Coin.

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