Bella Protocol integrates LP Farm with Manta Network

Bella Protocol has announced that LP Farm has integrated the Manta Network. The move has been taken to enhance liquidity provision on multiple chains as a part of its commitment to do the same. LP Farm is a flagship DeFi product of Bella Protocol and is now live on zkSync and Mantle Network on top of Manta Network.

The development is being celebrated through a 2-month campaign where community members can earn a fair share of a massive prize pool every month. The campaign is powered by iZiSwap, a recently added partner of Bella Protocol.

It brings to the table all the benefits of a dual farming incentive program. There is an opportunity to earn $BEL and $IZI tokens. The prize pool has dedicated 50,000 tokens and 1,500,000 tokens in $BEL and $IZI, respectively, per month. Users only need to deposit their ETH or USDC on Manta, then stake on Bella LP Farm.

Interestingly, an additional reward of $MANTA is on the way. Bella Protocol has said that Special Rewards by Manta would expand the opportunity for participants to earn rewards in $MANTA over what they earn in $BEL and $IZI.

The campaign is ideal for liquidity providers to grab a portion of 50,000 $MANTA provided they do stake their wUSDM or STONE through Bella IP Farm. Rewards that have been allocated in $MANTA can be claimed in almost two weeks. The overall objective remains the same: to enhance liquidity provision across its ecosystem.

Moving forward, Bella Protocol has said that it seeks to find more reputable partners in the ecosystem of Manta, adding that the aim will always be to expand yield farming opportunities and foster the growth of the vibrant Manta ecosystem. The development comes days after Bella Protocol published its 2024 crypto event calendar.

The year for the Bella Protocol begins with METAVSUMMIT. It has been termed a premier gathering scheduled in Dubai on January 10, 2024, and January 11, 2024. It will center around the key elements of the metaverse, crypto, and artificial intelligence. Next on the list is iFX Expo Dubai. The 3-day event will start on January 16, 2024, and end on January 18, 2024. It will host over a hundred notable speakers and attract over 3,500 participants.

iFX Expo Dubai attempts to address all the needs of the financial sector, ranging from market research to solutions that are powered by blockchain technology.


Other events include the World Crypto Forum, CATALYST, and ETHDenver, to mention a few. That said, it is safe to assume that the fundamental principle may be to enhance liquidity, but there is no denying that the Bella Protocol is doing everything in its power to expand the ecosystem while fueling the adoption of innovative emerging technologies. This only goes on to instill a sense of trust and confidence among the community members.

Roxanne Williams

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