Beowulf Blockchain En-route to Listing of BWF Coins in Reputed Exchanges

Having established itself as a renowned B2B platform focused on communication services, Beowulf Blockchain has broadcasted the news that it is fast gearing up for the listing of its native coin named as the BWF coin on multiple highly acclaimed crypto trading exchanges. The announcement affirmed that the official listing date of the BWF coin had been slated for the last phase of December 2019 or the start of January 2020.

Beowulf operates as a full-fledged B2B decentralized communication network which offers its customers with unprecedented communication facilities clubbed with infinite scalability feature spread across the globe. Integrated to the system is an efficient distributed ledger that lends support to the exchange networks and is involved in the delivery of several potential solutions. Beowulf operates on its native Delegated Proof of Stake consensus pedagogy and aims to adopt a dual-coin infrastructure capable of maintaining liquidity and stability for the clients. The rewards given to node miners and the expenses incurred by the investors are carried upon in fiat money with a tokenized layer as the payment system via a stablecoin.

The value of BWF coin will be solely dependent on the market demand and shall be utilized by Supernodes as block producers. In accordance with the platform’s incentive system, the Supernodes will earn mining rewards and transaction fees in lieu of their service of validation of the blocks on the blockchain. One can become a Supernode only when they hold 3,000,000 or more BWF coins in their accounts as well as satisfy the necessary requirements specified by the platform.

Beowulf is also gearing up to unveil its second currency named W Coin, which will be a stablecoin pegged to USD 1 for communications service fees. The Network Miners of Beowulf Blockchain, who will lend their idle processing power on their systems on rent, will be entitled to earn fiat payments through W coin.

To draw the attention of more and more customers towards the forthcoming coin listing, Beowulf will launch an array of trading contests for the traders where they will compete against each other to claim prize money worth $200,000 of BWF coins.

“We want to position our native BWF coin as the membership passport to all supporters of our various products and services coming on stream now and in the future – with suitable rewards for BWF coin traders upon its initial listing. The forthcoming trading contests are a fantastic opportunity for up-and-coming traders to get together and put their trading ability to the test,” said Dr. William H. Nguyen, CEO of Beowulf.

Beowulf has entered into a partnership with some of the leading entities in the world including AIA, Fulbright University, National Taiwan Normal University, etc.

Other notable offerings of Beowulf include QUICKOM, a US patent-pending tech solution that uses QR codes for revolutionizing the field of personal communication, Victoria- a distance learning platform pegged by blockchain, HANA- an advanced telemedicine solution, and Beowulf Operating System that supports the firm’s mining network.

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