Beowulf Blockchain Partners with Mai Linh Taxi Firm to Provide Communication Service

Beowulf, Blockchain-based communication systems provide its Software Development Kit (SDK) to Vietnam based Taxi firm Mai Linh. Beowulf’s SDK would enable in-app voice calling as well as messaging capabilities so that drivers can communicate with passengers from the Mai Linh app.

Mai Linh is Vietnam’s oldest taxi company and has 30,000 drivers and 15,000 vehicles, which pick up passengers from any location and take them to their destination. As drivers have to pick up passengers from different destinations, a lot of time is wasted in locating the passenger. The passenger and the driver spend money on calling each other and coordinating their movements.

Beowulf SDK will allow drivers and passengers to contact each other seamlessly, which will cut down time spent in locating passengers. With in-app voice calling and messaging, drivers and passengers will not have to bear the cost of calling and SMSing from mobile service providers.

The app will also have an annotation and free form drawing capability that will allow passengers to pinpoint their location. Many times it happens that the driver is nearby, maybe in a side lane, and can’t see the passenger standing just a few meters from him. Using this feature, both the driver and passenger can communicate their exact positions to each other. That will not only cut time but also make travel a pleasant experience for passengers; especially for those who are in a hurry to reach their destination.

Mai Linh’s taxi drivers will also be able to access Beowulf’s HANA telemedicine services, which will enable them to consult specialists even if their job takes them to far from or remote areas. Ho Huy, Chairman of Mai Linh Group, said,

Ensuring access to high quality and on-the-go healthcare for our drivers is at the heart of our mission, and we are excited to have a partner such as Beowulf Blockchain.

Beowulf is a B2B enterprise that leverages blockchain technology to provide communication services like voice or video calling and messaging. Companies have to pay according to per-minute usage. In addition to the services mentioned above, Beowulf also runs a decentralized learning platform called QUICKOM, which increases the privacy and security of customer’s phone numbers by replacing them with scannable QR codes.

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