Berry Data Partners With Overlord

Berry Data has recently entered into a partnership with Overlord to explore the ecosystem of GameFi together. Berry Data is renowned for its operation on the Binance Smart Chain as the community-authenticated price Oracle solution for the decentralized and trust-less processing of off-chain data. Moreover, Berry Data provides the Oracle infrastructure for dApps to obtain off-chain data by offering incentives to miners who supply the data. On the other hand, Overlord is famed for being the first mobile-based RPG game that succeeded in integrating NFTs with just an Internet connection and a smartphone. 

The Oracle framework of Berry Data allows users to place requests for the valuation of off-chain data to miners who compete against one another to add value to the data bank on-chain. This data is made accessible by Berry Data to every dApp that operates on the BSC. The data inputs that are provided to the data bank by miners are highly secured by the staked miners of Berry Data. The Berry Data platform employs the mechanism of crypto-economic incentive to reward miners for their honest submission of data and penalize the defaulters. At Berry Data, miners receive incentives in the form of inflationary rewards for submitting authentic data on time. The users of the platform can access the latest data feed by paying the service fee in BRY tokens, which is the native token of Berry Data. The users of Berry Data can also access a seamless dispute resolution mechanism that allows every holder of the BRY token to raise disputes for resolution in exchange for the dispute fee. 

Through the partnership, Overlord will supervise the designing team and incorporate Berry NFT into the game along with the unique features of Overlord gaming that include Ability and Stats. Berry Data shall provide business support and collaborate with the development team of Overlord to build a robust GameFi ecosystem.

Roxanne Williams

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