Best Early Investments For Multi-Million Dollar Potential Returns: Uniglo (GLO), Fantom (FTM), & Evmos (EVMOS)

Getting in early is key with a lot of crypto projects these days. That’s how Bitcoin made millionaires and billionaires- those who bought BTC when it was $0.10 or $1 each. NOT those people that switched their investment funds in at $20,000. While BTC might still have upside after some recent dips, it isn’t a millionaire-maker unless you invest a ton of money in the first place. So what about those crypto projects that haven’t mooned yet?

There’s still money to be made in digital finance; despite recent losses, you must know where to look. That’s why experts are recommending the following three for your portfolio. While becoming a millionaire from crypto isn’t without risks, it’s not impossible. Just make sure you’re aware of how much you could potentially lose and strap yourself in for the ride.

Uniglo Presale Launches and Solves Many Crypto Issues in One Swoop

The problem with crypto recently is that it simply isn’t a realistic payment method. People mainly buy it for speculation and think it will be worth more in the future. While nothing is wrong with that, it isn’t becoming the “spendable” currency it once touted. After all, why would you buy a new car with BTC if you think BTC will be worth more next week?

Uniglo has arrived on the scene recently and is already getting attention as a currency people can have faith in—and spend. It has price upside, too—but also much more stability baked into its protocol.

Uniglo (GLO) solves issues in both the fiat and crypto worlds. It’s fully asset-backed, not only by NFTs and other cryptocurrencies but also by digitized versions of real-world assets like gold. Uniglo charges a 5% sales tax into the Uniglo Vault to help back its price, providing a strong provable value. It’s also completely non-inflationary and uses a unique double-burn mechanism. All these reasons and more are why Uniglo could be the perfect addition to your portfolio.

Uniglo (GLO)


The Fantom network has also been making the crypto news recently. This project has a ton of upside and is already the native blockchain for other interesting projects like SpookySwap. There are plenty of passive income options on Fantom, and analysts predict big things for the project as it becomes a more important part of the wider DeFi space. Experts think you should add it to your portfolio.


Evmos is an ecosystem that helps unite Ethereum apps with the Cosmos blockchain and offers a range of solutions for developers. It could be key in the future of crypto development, and its current price of around $2.33 has shown plenty of strength over the last few weeks despite market turmoil.


Experts are predicting big things for FTM, GLO, and EVMOS. They all could be key in the future of crypto, so look at them for your portfolio.

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