Best FTSO Introduces NFTSO on Songbird and Flare Networks

Best FTSO has announced a new NFT marketplace called NFTSO on Songbird and Flare Networks. NFTSO brings the most requested functionality for the users with many unique features that are set to give it a competitive edge.

Best FTSO started with a small team with no funding. The development was always in response to resolving issues faced by the community. For instance, there was a need for users to view their NFTs. So the team created its first NFT visualizer. There was no place for its users to trade their NFTs. So the team architected a new NFT marketplace.

It says that Best FTSO was never intended to be an NFT marketplace. The team distributed its first NFT on Songbird, issued its first Signal Provider reward token $NFTp, and distributed Quest NFT to its loyal delegators.

With such an interesting history in hand, the team made efforts to bring its NFT marketplace to the users. It has been created from the ground up, with more updates soon, and these will only take Best FTSO forward in its lifecycle. The update was shared by Best FTSO through an official Twitter thread calling the introduction of NFTSO a new era in the NFT marketplace.

NFTSO has been launched with a commitment to offering the best possible experience to those who participate in the ecosystem. Many unique features have also been introduced, and these are sure to give the platform a competitive edge in the industry.

The lowest Fee is on the top of the list, a benefit that participants will be able to access on Songbird while trading NFTs. Trait Filter will allow users to search for a specific NFT based on its particular trait. A huge list of NFTs now happens to have a superhero in its life.

The Generator Tool would be a blessing for users with little to no experience in minting an NFT of their choice. Users will only have to shuffle traits when creating their non-fungible token. To add to that, Best FTSO has partnered with many artists to launch projects that would be compatible with $GEN.

Details about Oven Room, the final unique feature announced by the platform, have not been revealed; however, users can expect to receive interesting synergy with created assets, such as $GEN and $NFTp.

The team commits all the unique values with the courtesy of its ecosystem that has been built on Songbird. The future holds a clear picture based on the tweets published in the thread.

Best FTSO has announced that it does not intend to stop here, and it will proceed with all the ideas that it has in mind. Expansion of the team is also an item on the agenda. Since the workforce is limited, projects are moving ahead slowly. With innovation and passion in the heart, future projects are expected to come faster.

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