Best past and future ICOs: Solana (SOL) and Avorak AI (AVRK)

ICOs are still by far the best way for investors to get into projects early before they gain a significant customer base. Several ICOs have generated incredible wealth for those willing to take the dive early on and invest at the best prices. Finding the best projects in the ICO stage is almost a certainty for making a profit as an investor.

Solana price since its ICO

The Solana ICO is one of the best-performing ICOs in cryptocurrency, although many have performed incredibly well. The Solana price during the ICO stage was $0.22 per SOL. This was an incredibly low number versus the market cycle top SOL price of $260.

This means the coin moved 1000x in price from the ICO stage to the top. Even at the current SOL price, around $22.50, -90% down from the top, this represents a 100x for anyone who has held the entire time.

Solana price since its ICO

Even against Bitcoin, the SOL price performed 25x better, showing yet again that upcoming ICOs can create the next generation of financially secure individuals.

The next big ICO: Avorak AI (AVRK)

Solana held their ICO in the bearish trend of early 2020 when Bitcoin struggled to stay above $5000. This correlates with many other projects that launched during bearish times to reap the rewards of the bull market. With it looking like the market is at a similar time period, which ICOs will be the next Solana of 2023/2024?

Avorak AI stands out against the rest, with a full suite of user-assisting artificial intelligence capable of streamlining work, saving time, and generating profits. Users must buy the AVRK token to use the ecosystem, which will put natural buy pressure over time.

The crucial aspect of this venture is that it will also give AVRK owners passive revenue by sharing out a portion of the incoming revenue. The primary distinction between the Avorak system and other passive income systems is that the Avorak products’ usage fees provide this passive revenue. In addition to having a deflationary token strategy by using a small portion of the revenue to burn AVRK, this is one of the first cryptocurrencies to have a real product revenue stream that directs some of it back to holders.

Experts have high hopes for this initiative and predict strong demand from investors looking to employ Avorak products and those who want to generate passive income. Price estimates for AVRK are between the 50-100x range over the next year, a feat similarly performed by SOL, MATIC, FTM, and many others.

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