BetFury Casino: Get Passive Income by Staking BFG Tokens

BetFury is a top cryptocurrency casino that has gained tremendous popularity and a solid reputation in the crypto gambling sphere. Currently, it consists of an entire ecosystem with its utility token, BFG, that gives vast opportunities to users and helps them passively earn through BFG farming and staking. 

What is a BFG token?

What is a BFG token?BFG is a utility token of BetFury casino that was launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BFG tokens can be bought by users to play games on the BetFury platform and it is commonly called mining. Additionally, it is also available for trading on top CEX and DEX exchanges as it is listed on ApeSwap, Biswap, BabySwap, CoinTiger, Coinsbit, Arken Finance, Hotbit, Matcha, MATE, and many more.

BFG is a CertiK-certified token. CertiK is a top crypto blockchain security firm. The token has gained enormous trust from its users while BestFury casino has received official confirmation on its security and reliability.

The special mining solution of BFG token and the staking opportunity has become a trademark of the BetFury casino. Once users have purchased and started holding BFG tokens, they can get a part of BetFury’s profit from its staking pool.

Multicurrency Income Every Day via Staking Pool

BetFury’s Staking is a special multi-currency system of daily drops for BFG token holders. BFG staking provides BetFury users with a great opportunity to receive daily payouts simply for holding BFG on their balance account.

Multicurrency Income Every Day via Staking Pool

Staking pool spending and replenishment 

Ever since BetFury casino was established, its staking pool has always been filled with cryptocurrency. From the time of BetFury’s inception two years ago, the casino has been offering its users an opportunity to receive permanent payouts only for holding BFG tokens. The balance has not been empty ever since its launch and it is filling constantly with around $2,409,809 currently available in various currencies. 

Where do funds in BetFury’s Staking pool come from?

The funds from non-winning bets placed on the casino are taken to the staking pool to reload the existing sub-pool. In fact, it is a win-win situation. When a user places a bet, irrespective of the outcome, they actually mine BFG tokens. If the user stakes them, they return the expenditure costs in a year as APR Staking is up to 100 percent.

How does the Staking payout work?

In every 24 hours, 3% of the entire profit is released by the staking pool. In addition to this, by holding only one BFG token, the user is able to earn a huge income in 5 cryptocurrencies, namely, ETH, USDT, BNB, TRX, and BTC. It is easy to calculate the estimated payout from staking. Enter the required number in the field provided on the web page and check the estimated staking payouts in every crypto for various periods. Note that the more BFG one stakes, the greater will be the payout.

How does the Staking payout workStaking v/s Farming – what are the differences?

Both farming and staking allow BFG token holders to earn profits from the BetFury casino. However, the major difference lies in the type of profit. Once BFG tokens are locked for farming, they cannot be used for staking and getting daily payouts.

Staking vs Farming - what are the differencesBetFury Farming is the process of getting extra BFG tokens. Farming profits are calculated in APR (Annual Interest Rate). A proportion of the BFG tokens gathered from the BetFury Farming pool is distributed automatically among the participants. Users can compound or withdraw their farming yields at any point in time.

On the other hand, BetFury Staking is a process of holding BFG and getting profits in various cryptocurrencies. BFG token holders stake their BFG on the casino platform and receive daily payouts based on the volume of accumulated cryptocurrencies in staking pools.


Any player can individually select what to receive – an increase in their BFG token or get other major cryptocurrencies. Additionally, players can also divide their BFG tokens for staking and farming and enjoy all kinds of profits on the BetFury platform. Read our Betfury Casino review for more insights.

Enjoy some of the most significant passive incomes in the cryptocurrency world via BetFury BFG Staking!

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