Bifrost Wallet and Topper by Uphold enter into a partnership

Bifrost Wallet has announced a partnership with Topper by Uphold. This marks the first-ever fiat-to-crypto onramp partnership by Bifrost. The partnership between the two gives users an opportunity to buy different crypto assets through their valid debit and/or credit cards. Crypto assets that they can buy are XRP, Flare, and Songbird, among others. The entire list can be checked at Bifrost Wallet.

New users would directly be able to get started with Topper. Existing users, however, are required to check if their application has been updated. If not, then updating the Bifrost Wallet should be their priority. The latest version is titled v0.5.7+. Once updated, open the Bifrost mobile application and navigate to the Buy option. Select the asset & the amount and complete the onboarding process for Topper.

This has been well-received by the community, with most of the members congratulating the team Bifrost for making their services better. Some members have even shared a GIF of Will Ferrell punching in the air to celebrate the announcement.

Bifrost is a multi-chain wallet that currently supports select tokens. The goal of Bifrost is to include more cryptocurrencies to enhance the experience in the DeFi and NFT spheres.

This is not the first time that Bifrost has entered into a partnership or announced integration with another venture. It recently announced the integration with XDC to boost the liquidity pools on Songbird through the DeFi suite of Enosys. Most recently, Bifrost announced that it had extended support to XRPL DEX and NFT trading through different decentralized applications including, but not limited to, XRP Toolkit and xpmarket.

Meanwhile, Bifrost has highlighted the possibility of dApps running WalletConnect, which has not been updated for a long time. This can cause errors, showing a message that WalletConnect is no longer available. In such a scenario, users have been recommended to connect their Bifrost Wallet through Web3 injection.

Web3 injunction basically involves users connecting their wallets with the assistance of a built-in dApp browser.

Users have to open the application and navigate to the bottom of the page. Click the symbol that looks like four squares and look for the search bar at the top. Users must enter the URL of the dApp they want to visit. Once there, press Connect Wallet and proceed as directed by the pop-up. Remember to change the network before clicking Connect.

All this builds on top of the achievement where Bifrost was nominated for the annual startup award at HackerMoon. Bifrost is on the list, along with, Talentium, and Grafbase, among others. Members of the community can vote for Bifrost while also nominating a startup for the award. A total of 92 startups have been listed, and 824 votes have been entered.

Bifrost and Topper coming together make it evident that they are eyeing to grow and help the community with an immersive experience.

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