Big Eyes Coin enters stage 4 of presale; Ready to take over the market like Avalanche and Nexo

Cryptocurrency, often known as digital money, is a digital currency transacted on the internet using a decentralized digital ledger. Cryptocurrencies could potentially assist in maintaining economic stability due to their decentralization from regulating organizations such as governments.

There are several advantages to using a cryptocurrency over a more traditional payment method, such as the speed and low cost of transactions and the privacy of distributed networks. While there are numerous cryptocurrencies to buy in, Avalanche (AVAX), Big Eyes (BIG), and Nexo (NEXO) have proven themselves to be high-potential coins. Let’s see why you need them in your portfolio.

Avalanche (AVAX)

The Avalanche platform is one of the most secure and quickest blockchains. It is frequently used as a substitute for the Ethereum blockchain, processing approximately 4,500 transactions per second.

This scalable blockchain powers decentralized apps (dApps) developed on its network with smart contracts. It validates transactions using the Proof-of-Stake consensus method, an environmentally friendly upgrade to Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work protocol (BTC).

In exchange for the privilege to run validator nodes, Avalanche holders agree not to transfer or sell a particular number of AVAX. Holders also can vote on governance initiatives like the pace of coin generation, transaction fee structure, as well as participation incentives.

At the time of writing, the Avalanche (AVAX) network had a market valuation of $5 billion. On CoinMarketCap, it is one of the twenty most valued tokens. Furthermore, as even more holders stake AVAX to receive incentives and safeguard the network, the token price is expected to rise.

Nexo (NEXO)

The Nexo protocol is a DeFi network where users can loan, borrow, and trade, as well as exchange crypto assets. Furthermore, NEXO, the platform’s native cryptocurrency, allows users to supply and receive liquidity as well as earn prizes and incentives.

The network’s 4 million+ users can open an Instant Crypto Credit Line. Since its inception in 2018, Nexo has processed approximately $80 billion in loans. By pledging their crypto as collateral, users can borrow cash or stablecoins. Loans up to $2 million are approved instantly, with no origination costs and no monthly payments.

Nexo began with a $0.1 Initial Coin Offering (ICO) per Nexo (NEXO) token. Several bull runs, however, saw the altcoin rise by more than 80.11% to a peak value of $4.63.

Nexo’s bull run was caused by several causes, including the founding team’s effective marketing strategy and Nexo’s (NEXO) listing on numerous major exchanges.

The price of Nexo (NEXO) fell in the aftermath of the cryptocurrency price drop. Nevertheless, the altcoin hasn’t lost its potential and profitability, and it is poised for a tremendous spike.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Big Eyes Coin, a new cryptocurrency, is not slowing down on its plan to become the #1 meme coin on the coin market. The revolutionary meme project is now at the fourth stage of its presale. Big Eyes Coin is a new altcoin with huge growth potential that shares winning traits with some of the cryptocurrency market’s top altcoins.

Big Eyes Coin, a cat-themed NFT-capable ERC-20 crypto, is poised to shake up the cryptoverse due to the distinction it intends to offer to the meme coin industry. Unlike most meme tokens, Big Eyes Coin will fuel a non-fungible token (NFT) collection that has the potential to become one of the top ten in the cryptoverse.

big eyes coin

Holders of Big Eyes Coin can become participants in the NFT market by participating in NFT events and obtaining some of the top NFT products on the market.

Big Eyes Coin will be a resilient, low-cost meme coin with fast transactional speeds, inheriting Ethereum’s PoS consensus. What else? It will contribute to preserving ocean life by contributing a portion of its profits to ocean conservation groups.


During the current bear market, the three tokens covered in this article have been regarded as the finest long-term cryptocurrency options. Each project aims to minimize climate damage by lowering its carbon footprint, implementing consensus protocols that save energy, and contributing to worthy environmental programs.

However, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is currently in the fourth stage of the presale and, given its low pricing, has a better possibility of providing a higher investment return. So, why don’t you join the millions of others who have jumped on the presale and purchased this new trendy cryptocurrency?

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