Harnessing early opportunities: Top Pre-ICOs of 2022

Although the most well-known cryptocurrencies have been severely impacted by the current bear market, some tokens have given investors a chance to profit despite the bleak market conditions. Even in a down market, the value of these tokens is high since they have all the characteristics of a leading cryptocurrency-related initiative. Crypto presales provide investors the opportunity to be part of an exciting new venture before it is launched for the public.

This allows investors to participate in the early stages of a new promising cryptocurrency project. In addition to the advantages provided through staking and community reward, investors will also receive discounted prices. Pre-sales for crypto may be public or private, depending on the initiative type. The presale of some prospective platforms will necessitate registration from investors. However, investors should learn as much as they can about a new cryptocurrency platform and its potential before putting money into it. 

Top Trending Crypto Presales of 2022

Crypto presales provide a mechanism for investors to purchase digital assets before an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The main goal of a cryptocurrency presale is to raise funds; nevertheless, it can also act as a technique to test the market before the ICO. For investors, crypto presales offer a significant opportunity for profit. There have been a variety of presales for crypto that we have noticed, but not all cryptos have had success with presales. Here are the top pre-sales opportunities in 2022.

1) Girles Token

Girles Metaverse is currently in the presale phase, providing investors with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to join the project at the most affordable cost. The objective of Girles Metaverse is to integrate cryptocurrencies into areas that are already familiar to the majority of people. 

The community comprises an entire ecosystem that includes NFT Metaverse, GameFi Alliance, and Staking Contracts. Girles is a decentralized, ERC-20 secure NFT GameFi token powered by the energy of blockchain gaming, and it has gained the attention of investors owing to its unique potential. The website now supports NFT minting in addition to token staking.

Let’s discuss a few unique features offered by Girles Token:-

  • ROI 207.05% & KYC by Solid proof

Girles Token launched its public presale recently, and the investor can make up to 207.05% in profit from pre-sales by investing in the initial phases that are part of it. The token has been audited by Cyberscope, and its additional contracts may be audited under strict guidelines. The team passed a KYC verification in October 2022 and met the following requirements:-

  • The contract is published on mainnet
  • Project ownership verified
  • Team identity is verified with random requirements
  • A list of all team members verified
  • $25k Giveaway

Girles token was launched for presale just a few days ago, and it has raised more than USDT = $1570117.4800 or $2700027.48 in funds. Additionally, the platform offers a $25,000 incentive to the first buyers. To participate, you must fill out the form and possess a minimum of $50 worth of Girles tokens at the time of the draw.

  • Decentralized Presale on Web3 technology

Girles Token is a decentralized NFT GameFi token, and the presale is open to investors on the official website. Girles Token lets you immerse in the NFT Metaverse, where exciting opportunities are available for users to participate in P2E games and also on free-to-play servers. Tokens obtained through staking can be redeemed by their holders.

2) Cardano 

Cardano has attracted a large number of initiatives owing to its continuous development and expansion. They are now utilizing blockchain technology to construct Decentralized Applications (DApps) rapidly. Meanwhile, Cardano’s value and prominence among the leading DeFi players also rise steadily. 

The value of its native cryptocurrency, ADA, is expected to skyrocket. Cardano’s investment was motivated by the network’s security; the smart contract platform has never reported a single hack or attack. Cardano’s present price is incredibly undervalued because of the robust security features incorporated into the network. 

3) XRP 

Ripple is an open-source blockchain-based digital payment system and protocol that has its cryptocurrency called XRP. The main function of Ripple’s process is the settlement of assets for exchange and Remittance systems like SWIFT. The SWIFT system is used for international security and money transfers and is employed by financial middlemen and banks dealing with currencies.

Ripple allows transactions to be performed in minutes, while traditional financial institutions can take days or even weeks to complete the same task using wire transfers. When compared to the huge fees that banks often charge for international wire transfers, the minimum cost of a transaction with Ripple is only 0.00001 Ripple, which is a very small amount. 

4) BTC

Bitcoin (BTC) is a cryptocurrency that is a digital currency designed to work as money and as a means of payment that is not controlled by a single individual, group, or other institution, thus eliminating the need for third-party involvement in financial transactions. Bitcoin utilizes peer-to-peer technology that operates without a central bank or authority; controlling transactions and issuing bitcoins is done collectively through the networks. Bitcoin is a public, open-source initiative that rewards blockchain miners for their effort in verifying transactions and is also available for purchase through various exchanges. Bitcoin, the first decentralized virtual currency to garner global recognition and traction, has paved the way for a variety of other cryptocurrencies.

5) ETH 

Ethereum is one cryptocurrency that has not disappointed investors. It is the biggest smart contract network, and thanks to the introduction of proof of stake, the blockchain has reduced energy usage by more than 90 percent. This eliminates the risk of sanctions resulting from environmental pollution. Ethereum has reached a high of $4,800 and is presently trading at $1,200. The interest it accrues makes it a great option for both long- and short-term savings and investment.

6) BCH 

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency that shares many similarities with Bitcoin (BTC) but also has its own set of unique features and characteristics. It is often referred to as a “fork,” which is an alternative to Bitcoin. However, some argue that Bitcoin Cash is more in line with the original idea of developing a peer-to-peer electronic money system. Bitcoin Cash is a peer-to-peer decentralized electronic cash system that is independent of any central authority, such as a financial organization or government.


Like any other investment, crypto presales have advantages and also risks. This puts the early investors in a position to benefit immediately, and they will be able to buy coins at a cheaper cost and even sell them for an income when the token value goes up.

If the project develops and the value of the token increases, it could increase. Additionally, the investor has the opportunity of purchasing more coins at the debut of the project due to the reduced price. However, with so many new cryptocurrency projects being released each month, it can be challenging to choose which presale is the best one to participate in.

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