To Start Operations In Latin American and UAE Crypto Marketspace


Headquartered in Singapore, the leading cryptocurrency trading platform announced the news that it is venturing into the crypto marketspaces of Latin America and the United Arab Emirates, the regions which have been away from the complexities of the digital currency sector for the longest time. With a view to exploiting the benefits of globalization, made its strong entrance in different parts of the globe in 2019, including the regions of Southeast Asia, Asia, the Western territory as well as the Russian industrial space.

According to the statement given by Ethan Ng, CEO of SEA, the firm decided to make its strategic entry into Latin America and the UAE to take the early advantage of the lucrative benefits which exist in these regions because of their markets being in the nascent stage and the opportunities they unfurl.

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Ethan further added, “The people have many needs but few venues are serving them. We are there to learn about the market conditions and to cater and adapt our services and products to fit their needs. I believe that these areas could be the first to bring cryptocurrency to mainstream usage, followed by other countries. So we want to ensure they have a good experience trading crypto.”

Interestingly, at present, a part of the crypto exchange expert team is rendering services for the Latin American Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference 2019 which is being organized in Uruguay. The annual meet up serves as a facilitator of non-commercial content. The event has witnessed the presence of the most renowned names of the crypto industry.

The team will also be participating in the Blockchain Innovation and Investment Summit in Dubai. The event is ranked as one of the most reputed gatherings in the Middle East region.

Latin America has been a fair supporter of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology except for the crypto ban by Bolivia in 2014. To understand the economic disparities and complexities in the region, will enter into multiple partnerships and collaborations with the local entities. The recent implications of currency volatility have paved the way for the entry of the crypto space industry in countries like Venezuela, Argentina, and Brazil. is also likely to benefit from the implementation of the Dubai Blockchain Strategy 2020, a highly anticipated initiative triggered by the Dubai government. has set its foot strongly in the market space with the launch of the Biki Research Institute, the Biki Mining Pool, etc. The firm now provides an array of facilities including lending, leverage services, Biki Fund and Incubator. In 2020, the platform is likely to launch a financial public chain to enhance the user experience.

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