Binance announces investment in five incubation projects

Binance recently hosted its incubation program’s 5th edition, wherein a total of 5 projects have been selected to better shape the future of Web3 across the globe. Binance Labs will now invest in Bracket Labs, DappOS, Kryptoskatt, Mind Network, and zkPass. The objective is to bring together a wide range of innovative Web3 projects that have the potential to accelerate the growth of the Web3 sphere.

Termed promising projects, they come from a background of infrastructure, decentralized finance, middleware, and tooling.

The fifth season of the Incubation Program by Binance Labs had received over 900 applications. Less than 2% made it to the final round. Industry experts offered them 1:1 coaching with a customized curriculum to meet their needs. The Incubation Program simultaneously offered an environment that housed all the relevant resources plus fireside chats with the experts.

Yibo Ling, the Chief Business Officer at Binance, talked about the program, stating that the investment arm of Binance will remain dedicated to empowering early-stage projects that are scalable and have the potential to have a positive impact on the Web3 ecosystem.

Binance Labs, founded in 2017, is under the umbrella of the Binance ecosystem, which also houses Binance exchange. Binance Exchange stands out for its high utility among crypto enthusiasts. It has more than a hundred cryptocurrencies and a native token, BNB.

Binance Labs conducted an in-depth analysis before finalizing the projects for investment. Season 6 of the Binance Labs Incubation Program is in the works. The community has been advised to keep an eye on its official Twitter for the announcement.

Bracket Labs just launched It is a platform that helps traders circumvent crypto’s volatile market risks amid trending market conditions. Bracket Labs is also credited with architecting projects that leverage the capabilities of on-chain mechanisms. A simple interface backs it and adapts pricing to improve its usability among community members.

The next project on the list is Kryptoskatt. The project serves all the major needs of those who are invested in the DeFi concept. Kryptoskatt’s offerings include portfolio management, accounting, and tax reporting. Making things interesting for the scalable web3 project is the fact that it already supports more than 2,000 DeFi protocols, wallets, and over a hundred exchanges.

Fewer utilities are available for DappOS. Nevertheless, it comprises a substantial proportion of the businesses that have been accepted into the incubator program. It emphasizes facilitating solutions that increase the usability and accessibility of Web3 apps. It seeks to reduce the barriers to Web3 entry in order to make it more accessible.

Mind Network and zkPass are into securing user data and offering privacy-preserving decentralized ID verification. Both ventures are directed at the end user, who receives the direct benefit of safety and privacy.

Binance Labs has announced that it will soon bring the Incubation Program to its 6th edition. The 5th version saw five web3-scalable projects selected out of 900 applicants.

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