CEO of Binance lambasts Tether, DigiToads poised to shatter $7M presale barrier

In a recent “ask me anything” session, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, CEO of Binance— the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange—expressed his apprehensions about the viability of centralized and algorithmic stablecoins, particularly highlighting the opacity surrounding Tether (USDT). Notably, Zhao emphasized that many of his contemporaries and colleagues in the industry remain in the dark about USDT’s audits. As these concerns surface, the cryptocurrency landscape witnesses another phenomenon: DigiToads (TOADS). 

Already amassing a staggering $6.8 million in its presale, DigiToads is poised to effortlessly cross the $7M threshold before its official market debut. What’s happening to USDT, and how is DigiToads becoming the most exciting crypto gem?

Concerns around USDT

Besides Binance CEO’s remarks, concerns surrounding USDT have intensified recently, largely influenced by noticeable imbalances in significant liquidity pools. Over a weekend, Curve’s 3pool and Uniswap V3’s primary USDT-USDC pool witnessed powerful surges in USDT selling. Specifically, Uniswap recorded a selling activity of about $40 million, and Curve was not far behind with a selling surge of approximately $35 million. This sudden shift was especially pronounced in the Curve pool, which, notably, holds a substantial 60% of the USDT supply. 

Alongside these liquidity pool anomalies, USDT has shown signs of deviating from its traditionally stable peg to the US Dollar. In fact, on several centralized exchanges, USDT traded slightly below its dollar peg. This deviation is alarming for a currency that derives value from maintaining parity with the dollar. While the reasons prompting this exodus from USDT remain a topic of debate and speculation, no clear bearish catalyst has been identified. The lack of an apparent reason, combined with the noted liquidity imbalances and the Binance CEO’s recent concerns, suggests that USDT, the world’s premier stablecoin, may face challenges in maintaining its peg to the dollar.

DigiToads emerges as a guarantee of financial stability

While USDT raises questions left and right, the DigiToads community and its supporters grow with confidence. DigiToads, an emerging heavyweight in digital assets, stands out with its distinct offerings and vision. Unlike many contemporary tokens, DigiToads isn’t just about numbers and percentages; it’s about offering solutions, innovations, and a sense of community.

DigiToads strikes a harmonious balance between the intricate world of decentralized finance, Web3 gaming, meme coins, and deflationary tokenomics. Its design prioritizes user experience, providing streamlined transactions that sidestep cryptocurrency dealings’ usual pitfalls and complexities. State-of-the-art security protocols bolster this meticulous approach to user experience, ensuring investors navigate confidently in an environment known for its unpredictability.


Where DigiToads truly excels is in fostering community growth and loyalty. The platform is more than just a token; it’s a thriving ecosystem. DigiToads ensures its users are always at the forefront, reaping the rewards and enjoying the fruits of communal growth by championing long-term holding benefits, in-game and staking rewards, and interactive community events. Its integration with NFTs further highlights its forward-thinking approach, tapping into one of the hottest trends and offering its community a diversified investment avenue.

Evidence of DigiToads potential and the trust it has cultivated is undeniably reflected in its fundraising milestones. The project has already raised a staggering $6.7 million, and as the final moments of its presale draw near, anticipation and demand are skyrocketing. 
Final remarks

The contrast of DigiToads ascent with USDT’s uncertainties paints a compelling narrative: DigiToads is rapidly emerging as a beacon of reliability and innovation in a world where trust is paramount. For crypto enthusiasts and investors, this token is fast becoming the one to watch, promising returns and a revolution in how digital assets can build community and value.

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