Binance CEO Takes Stand Against Craig Wright And Delists BSV From The Exchange, Receives Praise From Charles Hoskinson

The recent incidents relating to Craig Wright’s claim of being none other than Satoshi Nakamoto has shaken the crypto space. A vast majority of crypto users, investors, and enthusiasts have staunchly criticized Wright’s claim, and have gone on to term his fraud.

Leading the charge, once again, is Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, who has taken a strong stand against Wright. Last week, Wright’s lawyers sent legal notices to a few of his critics like Hodlonaut, who have started campaigns against him. This probably pissed off  Zhao, who has been a strong advocate for freedom of speech and expression in the crypto space.

When Hodlonaut made the news public via Twitter, Zhao retweeted it, warning Wright that he would delist Bitcoin SV, Wright’s creation from the exchange, if he doesn’t stop threatening his critics. Ultimately, Zhao announced that BSV had been delisted from Binance Exchange, move which was appreciated by a lot of crypto influencers and analysts, including Luke Martin, the famous crypto expert.

However, the biggest appreciation came from Ethereum’s ex-founder and Cardano founder, Charles Hoskinson, who did not hold his words back. Hoskinson praised Zhao and Binance Exchange via a tweet, stating that they stood up for the entire community against bullying and fraud.

Earlier, Luke Martin also praised Binance and said that the crypto community follows what Binance does.

Hoskinson has always been quite vocal about his views on crypto companies. In an interview given earlier this month, he criticized the top-bottom approach which Ethereum Foundation and other major cryptocurrency governing bodies follow. Hoskinson has been a strong advocate of decentralization and promotes a bottom-up approach. He strongly believes that the strength of cryptocurrencies lies in decentralization and moving towards leaderless operations.

Craig Wright is another name in the list of people who have claimed to be the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Though Wright tried to produce many proofs which seemed to be quite genuine on the face, was tackled by experts like Zhao, who proved that the proofs furnished do not prove that Wright is Nakamoto. But unlike previous claims which were put down, the Craig Wright saga has turned out to be an ugly incident, which has exposed a dark side of blockchain and crypto assets.

Nonetheless, after Binance delisted BSV, many other crypto exchanges are thinking of doing the same. Kraken, one of the biggest exchanges, conducted a poll on Twitter about whether it should delist BSV, and over 71% of users said yes. Delisting from Binance resulted in an 11% devaluation of the cryptocurrency, which is nothing but a loss to users. This shows that the biggest losers in this bitter spat between Wright and the Crypto community are the investors who hold BSV.

Craig Wright or his lawyers have not yet responded regarding the listing, but Zhao has made it clear that his legal team is ready to fight the legal battle against him. However, Wright had earlier stated that he would sue all his critics for defamation.

Roxanne Williams

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