Binance Chain Integrates With Arax Wallet And Lition Blockchain, BNB Available On Arax, LIT on Binance DEX

Binance Chain is fast becoming one of the most influential blockchain ecosystems in the world, with more and more platforms getting on-board every day. The recent ones to join the list are crypto wallet Arax, and interoperability focused blockchain network Lition.

Arax Wallet announced on Friday it had successfully with integrated Binance Chain (BEP-2). Users will now be able to store their BNB tokens on the wallet.

In an official statement, the company stated,

Integrating Binance chain in Arax allows users to store and trade other coins listed on Binance chain. Not just that, Arax Wallet will also be able to list all the coins supported by Binance chain, making our wallet a bit more universal.

It further added that the BNB token is only supported by two wallets, one itself and the other being Trust Wallet. Arax is a multi-currency crypto wallet which offers a wide range of crypto financial services, like holding tokens, making transfers, exchanging tokens with another user, etc.

On the hand, blockchain network Lition also tweeted on Friday that Binance Chain was now integrated with its network. It also informed that the network’s native token LIT would soon be available on Binance DEX, Binance’s decentralized crypto exchange.

In an official blog on Medium, Lition stated that the collaboration between Binance and itself intends to promote interoperability in the blockchain industry. They aim to create the biggest multi-chain ecosystem present currently, it further added. It also said,

Not only is Binance one of the biggest centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, but the newly released Binance DEX is also one of the most promising decentralized exchange solutions.

Scott Cook

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