Binance Chain Nicely Sailing Through, Three New Tokens Join The Ecosystem

Binance Chain is having a smooth ride from the last few months and has become the most preferred for both, token projects and users. The world’s largest crypto exchange has evolved as one of the most powerful and dominant forces in the crypto industry.

Recently, three new token projects have joined the Binance ecosystem, boosting the chain’s reach. Here are the three new projects joining Binance:

WaykiChain Migrates A Portion Of Its Token To Binance Chain

Emerging blockchain ecosystem WaykiChain has announced that it has migrated a portion of its native cryptocurrency, WICC to Binance Chain. This has allowed the token to be listed on one of the biggest decentralized crypto exchanges in the world, Binance DEX.

In its official blog on Medium, the company stated that integration with Binance Chain will allow the company it achieve its vision of creating a well-rounded ecosystem, segregated in user groups. As of now, WaykiChain has completed all token swaps for over a year. WaykiChain also heavily focuses on dapp development,  with the TPS 3200+ protocol, and has developed strategically important partnerships with various businesses.

SWIPE Token To Be Listed On Binance DEX

Data economy focused network SWIPE announced on Tuesday that it will be listing its token on the decentralized crypto exchange Binance DEX, 2-3 weeks after its launch. The token will be launched via an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on Tokenomy and Tokocrypto exchanges, between 5th August and 18th August.

In an official Medium blog, the company said it already has a partnership with big data buyers, like Performers, GMO Research, Panel, and Acorn. The network also has a solid user base of over 2 million users for its apps in South East Asia. It further added,

“We will be providing a migration service to swap SWIPE ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain to the BEP-2 standard on the Binance Chain which will be named SWIPE.B.”

Binance DEX Lists PCHAIN Token (PIBNB), Trading Open For PIBNB/BNB Pair

Binance Chain’s decentralized exchange Binance DEX has announced that it has listed PCHAIN Token (PIBNB) and offering trading pair of PIBNB/BNB. The trade will start from Wednesday, July 24. On its official community page, Binance said,

“PCHAIN, the Super-Ethereum, is the largest scale native EVM multi-chain system in the world, which can support 256 child chains across continents with 180K TPS and confirm the transaction in seconds. PCHAIN is the first public chain investment in the Asia Pacific by Google incubator Plug & Play.”

PCHAIN has received a strategic investment from about a 40 elite global capital funds, including FBG,, QUESCHAIN, Node Capital, LD Capital, JRR and Block VC, etc. It also has agreements with quite a few Fortune 500 companies. The reason for PCHAIN’s rapid development is the strong management team behind it, which includes “the first inventor of international blockchain patent in China, a Singapore Presidential Awards winner, and a National ‘Thousand People Plan’ professor.”

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