Binance Charity Makes Significant Donations for Coronavirus Treatment

The Binance Charity Foundation has been playing a crucial role in providing the necessary medical aid, tools, and monetary donations to the hospitals in the Wuhan district of China, where the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus has taken the death toll to a whopping number. The Binance led organization has led an array of operations under which it looks for qualified medical supplies from around the world and delivers them directly to the hospitals in the infected regions.

Since the start of 2020, China had been reeling under the plight of infectious coronavirus, which is expanding its wings to different parts of the world. Governments from around the world are struggling to protect their countrymen from getting affected by the disease, which at present has no potent remedial solution for a cure. Interestingly, the crypto arena is participating actively in helping the government to channelize curing operations and Binance had been leading the process.

According to the reports, up until February 23, 2020, Binance Charity has delivered 50,000 pairs of nitrile gloves, 100,000 pairs of latex gloves, 100,000 pairs of PVC gloves, 28,000 masks, 9 sterilizers, 173 barrels of disinfectant liquid, 20,000 testing kits, and 1,000 protective suits to 116 hospitals and medical teams in areas such as Hubei, Guangxi, and Shanghai. The firm purchased 2,300 protective suits from Israel and 388 oxygen machines along with 28,800 masks from the U.S.

These supplies and services are being provided for patients in big hospitals like Jinyintan Hospital, the Union Hospital, etc. as well as small hospitals in the village regions like Dawu People’s Hospital and Yunmeng Chengguanzhen Health Center. Binance Charity had been able to provide the helping hand only after receiving help from Binance Angels and volunteers hailing from across the world.

“We’re pleased to do everything we can to help Wuhan. And we believe China will eventually win the fight against the novel coronavirus,” stated Helen Hai, Head of Binance Charity.


During the entire process, Binance lives up to its primary objective of ensuring the highest security, 100% transparency, and monitoring by maintaining the complete list of contracts, receipts, signed letters, photos, and videos. The Binance community is adamant about standing with the Chinese government and the people in their fight against coronavirus attacks.

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