Binance Charity Shares Details of Phase 3 Donation Campaign for COVID-19

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The world has witnessed China making remarkable progress in controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus. Therefore, yet again the Binance Charity Foundation is offering its third and final report of the “Binance for Wuhan” donation campaign. With the supply of seven batches of medical equipment to 124 hospitals and medical teams “Binance for Wuhan” campaign is declared complete. 

What Happened in Phase 3 Donation Drive? 

The third phase of the donation drive included 1,000 medical lamps, apart from masks, protective suits, gloves, and many more items. These lamps were provided to Wuhan University People’s Hospital which was further distributed to 74 medical teams and health care centers. It was also distributed among hotels that provided accommodation to medical teams. 

These lamps are called Germicidal Lamps, which produces ultraviolet light which results in bacteria deactivation, killing viruses, and protozoa. This further provides a clean and better working environment for medical teams.  

What Was Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Donation?


After the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan, China, Binance made an immediate decision to donate medical supplies worth 10 million RMB to support them amidst the country’s battle against coronavirus. Binance Charity Foundation has led this mission in search of qualified medical supplies from around the world and get it delivered directly to as many hospitals in the areas that are infected with the virus.

Based on the previous report, Binance Charity delivered 50,000 pairs of nitrile gloves, 100,000 pairs of latex gloves, 100,000 pairs of PVC gloves, 28,000 masks, 9 sterilizers, 17r barrels of disinfection liquid, 20,000 testing kits and 1,000 protective suits to 116 hospitals and medical teams in cities like Hubei, Sichuan, Guangxi and Shanghai. 


When Binance began with Phase 2 of donations it was almost a month of fighting against coronavirus constantly. But the Chinese government and social group had together made remarkable progress in bringing control to this outbreak. Multiple provinces and cities witnessed no increase in the number of infected people.

Based on the previous record of donations 6 batches of medical supplies reached 130 hospitals, medical teams, and disease control command centers. Along with this, 2,300 protective suits were bought from Israel and were further distributed to 23 hospitals and medical teams equally. 1,000 protective suits bought from UAE have been distributed to 16 hospitals and medical teams. 

Binance also donated 388 oxygen machines to Guangdong Zhong Nanshan Medical Foundation. All these items are distributed to 44 hospitals. Adding up to these donations, they also donated 133,000 pieces of PVC gloves and 10,000 pairs of protective goggles.    


Binance Charity is looking forward to being as helpful as it can be to all the virus affected countries. There is a rapid increase in the positive cases in countries like the U.S., Italy, France, and the Republic of Korea. There is a scarcity of medical supplies worldwide due to a rapid increase in the rate of infected people.

Binance aims to offer help to countries that are affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. They are planning to deliver qualified medical supplies to hospitals and communities. Binance Charity is looking forward to joining hands with government and medical institutions worldwide. They are all set to provide support to fight the battle against the virus.

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