Binance Coin Price Analysis: Binance Coin (BNB) keeps rallying at $37 and surging higher

  • Binance Coin is headed towards the hat-trick week of record highs
  • Binance Coin may cross $40 any time now

Binance Chain exchange has listed many new currencies recently and the coin has also announced its collaboration with cyber threat detection firm Uncloak. This will result in an exponential surge of the otherwise accelerating BNB coin and some exciting growth trends by the end of the year. The current performance of the coin is progressive and futuristic and gives a strong sustenance assurance to the traders and investors. The coin may cross $40 anytime now and will head speedily to cross $50 mark as well in the next few months.

Binance Coin Price Statistics:

In the last 5 days, BNB token has dropped from $39.73 to its current value of $37.13 as on June 25, 2019 at 09:43:27 UTC showing a downtrend of over 6% but the coin will revive back soon and start moving upwards by the end of the day or maximum by tomorrow. The coin has, however, shown the maximum growth to date in the month of June.

BNB Price Chart - 25 June
BNB Price Chart
  • The price of the BNB token is noted at $37.13 and 0.00337172 BTC
  • The market cap of the coin is now $5,268,039,969
  • The 24 h volume of the coin is $328,677,210
  • The circulating supply of the coin has reached 141,175,490 BNB
  • The ROI of BNB now stands at >9000%

BNB has given 2 consecutive weeks of recording high values and the coin may any time be crossing $40 to trade within $50 range.

Binance Coin Price Prediction:

Binance Coin is growing at a record-breaking pace and may cross $50 at the beginning of next month. The coin may trade above $60 by the end of the next month and can reach as high as $100 by the end of the year recording over 40X growth overall in the year.


According to our Binance coin price prediction, this is the perfect time to plan any long-term investment in the coin and huge dividends are assured for those who keep the faith and get on this upward journey of the coin now.

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