Binance Coin Price Analysis: Binance Coin (BNB) Constantly Works to Retain Its Earned Position

Binance coin is in a constant effort to come out with phenomenal activities such as new listings on the platform, meetups and the launch of a new tokens. With this the price of BNB coin is expected to have a superficial growth as well. Important to note that the coin has nearly exhibited a 4.5X growth since the start of the year until now, and if it continues to grow with the same momentum it may rise to trade beyond $100. But the BNB price is undergoing a slow evolution as it just had its all-time high figure in June 2019.

However, the BNB price has enough potential to attain new heights and “slow and steady” remains the mantra for BNB coin.

BNB/USD Price Chart by TradingView:

The chart is a data feed from Binance as on 19th August at 09:02 UTC.

BNB price chart - 19 Aug 2019
BNB Price Chart by TradingView

BNB to USD Price Comparison:

Binance coin has enough potential and has even exhibited the best performance as observed from the current trading price (approximately $28) when compared with the trading price at the start of the year ($6). However, if observed closely BNB has been moving with a steady pace and is ranked at 6th position in the crypto market. The coin also has a great market cap of around $4.480 million with a current trading price of $28.9. Having a growth in its position, Binance has made constant efforts in maintaining the position it has earned. As observed from the above 1-day chart, BNB coin was trading at the price of $27.06 around 04:00 UTC yesterday. When compared, the current trading price is 6.79% more than the said price. This shows the growth potential and capability of the Binance coin.

Technical Indicators:


The Bollinger Band squeezing towards the current trend indicates the aggressive move of the price and the decrease of volatility, having a flat trend for some time. Being inclined towards the lower band, the investors can consider it to be a ‘buy phase’ signal or plan on going long with their investment in BNB.

The MACD of the coin remains flat with a normal bearish crossover.

The RSI of the coin maintains to be around 50, showing no extremities.


According to CryptoNewsZ’s Binance Coin price prediction, it is expected to perform with full potential and attain new heights by the end of the year. Nonetheless, the platform has been quite active to push the coin’s growth to a peak.

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