Binance collaborates with CBF, launches Fanverse of Brasileirão Assaí

The Brazilian Football Confederation, also known as CBF, has taken a step forward in the digital world. It has partnered with Binance to launch the Fanverse of Brasileirão Assaí. Fans can participate in the series of challenges to accumulate points and swap them for something wonderful and real-life utility.

Fanverse of Brasileirão Assaí is an interactive platform with all the stages posing a significant series of challenges. Complete them all and earn a point for the ultimate unique experience. The accumulated points can be used to buy event tickets or exchanged for rewards like autographed shirts or balls.

CBF is undoubtedly the largest football entity in the region. Launching an interactive platform for the fans helps them better establish a connection between the two sides. The number of points will vary depending on the stage. For instance, registering at the platform could give out, say, 5 points, while building a team could give away 15 points.

Having said that, here are some of the activities that will surely fetch points to participants of the Fanverse.

KYC-compliant registration on the platform will help participants gain an edge in the Fanverse. They may choose to proceed without KYC, but the number of points will be on the lower side. Therefore, it is recommended to go through the KYC process. Next comes building a team by inviting the social circle to the platform. It could be a list of fans or family, or even relatives.

Guess the game results and see rewards being spun in their direction. This can be perfectly complemented by watching the game since that also gives away points to participants. Meaning they can check in while watching the game, guess the final outcome, and earn a few points.

To better the engagement activity, Fanverse of Brasileirão Assaí has announced plans to roll out Crowd Gathering & eFootball, where participants are tasked with entering quiz sessions created by others. Similarly, they can create a quiz and encourage others to play along. This will fetch them pretty good points.

Lastly, a total of four players will be on the voting list. Participants will only have to vote for the player who stands out and wins the trophy. All those in his favor will earn points every month.

The launch of the Fanverse platform follows the release of the NFT Season Pass earlier this April. It can now be requested at the Fanverse on the official website of Brasileirão Assaí and also on the NFT Season Page.

Fanverse will grant participants access to a gift catalog, enabling them to swap their accumulated points for the preferred gift reward. Moreover, they can claim discounts on courses offered by CBF Academy’s School of Management, along with discounts on collectibles and mystery boxes.

Participants are required to first open a Binance account and complete the KYC process.Guilherme Nazar, General Manager in Brazil for Binance, has appreciated blockchain, stating that it has tremendous potential to improve everyone’s life. They have further expressed confidence in Fanverse, saying that it will bring undeniable benefits to businesses and people.

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