Binance DEX Garners Praise From Crypto Community, Proving To Become What Users Wanted

Binance DEX has been a dream project of Changpeng Zhao, but it didn’t get the start it deserves. However, steadily, the platform is gaining praise from popular crypto investors and influencers, which promises a bright future for the decentralized crypto exchange.

On Tuesday, the famous pseudonymous crypto investor CryptosBatman tweeted that he had been using Binance DEX for to buy coins, and he is very impressed. He also pointed out that as volume grows on the platform, it will become a game changer for the market.

CryptosBatman is a long-time investor in cryptocurrencies and is considered to be a big influencer in the market. If more influencers like him use and keep posting about the DEX, it will grow in popularity, and could soon become a global success. Replying to CryptosBatman’s tweet, CZ thanked him, stating that adoption will take time, and tweets like these will accelerate it. He also pointed out that users can only understand the potential once they use it.

Decentralized exchanges are still far less in number but remain the most preferred choice by enthusiasts. Binance DEX has a ton of expectations attached to it, from both, within and outside the Binance ecosystem. Like Binance Exchange, which is the largest centralized crypto exchange, Binance fans would definitely want Binance DEX to be the largest decentralized exchange. For that, Binance announced $100k rewards in tokens for testing Binance DEX to users.

Decentralized crypto exchanges are aimed at allowing users to have total control over their funds, glorifying the ethos on which Bitcoin was created. Centralized exchanges, though still dominant in the market, have a controlled approach towards their customers’ funds, and are often accused of manipulating trade volumes.

Roxanne Williams

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