Binance Expands the List of Cross Margin and Isolated Margin

Binance published a notification to share the news that it has added LDO and FIDA on Cross Margin and Isolated Margin as borrowable assets. Additionally, Binance has listed new pairs on Cross Margin for FLM and KMD.

The new Cross Margin pairs are FIDA/BUSD, FLM/USDT, FIDA/USDT, LDO/BUSD, KMD/USDT, and LDO/USDT. The new Isolated Margin pairs are FIDA/USDT, FIDA/BUSD, LDO/USDT, and LDO/BUSD.

Margin Trading is rare in the crypto market, with only a few exchange platforms allowing users to enable the feature. Margin Trading is when assets are traded through a third party’s funds.

It is a popular method in markets with low volatility. Its application extends to the international foreign exchange market, stock, and commodity, to mention a few.

The particular difference between traditional and crypto Margin Trading is the third party who offers the funds. While investment banks act as third-party to offer funds for Margin Trading, it is mostly the traders who supply funds in the crypto market.

Traders who act as third-party earn passive income in the form of interest. Not every crypto exchange allows its users to engage in Margin Trading, and the number could change in the future as more users express a desire to get the feature on their dashboard.

Binance, a crypto exchange platform, was founded in 2017. It has a headquarters in Malta with BNB as a native token to power its economy. Binance has more than 100 cryptocurrencies listed on the platform. Explore more features of Binance at the Binance review.

The Covid-19 pandemic hit every economic sector except for Binance, as the platform registered the highest global 24-hour trading volume of $4 billion. Mobile Trading is one of the key features of Binance. In a world where everyone seeks convenience, the Mobile Trading feature of Binance plays a crucial role in ensuring that users can trade anytime they want. Moreover, users get access to market data at their fingertips.

No more turning on the PC or waiting for the laptop to start. Android and iOS users can access the mobile application of Binance through the respective app store.

The eWallet facility of Binance enables users to store, deposit, and withdraw their funds digitally. Every leading digital wallet, including Trust Wallet by Binance, is available for a seamless user experience.

Users can try their hands with a Basic Trading Account before moving on to the Advanced Trading Account. Newcomers can get started with the Basic Trading Account, and those with experience can get on board with the Advanced Trading Account.

The list published by Binance for Cross Margin and Isolated Margin is expected to get updated soon with more additions.

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