Binance integrates Curve (CRV) on Arbitrum One and Optimism

The exciting news for the DeFi community is that Binance has easily integrated Curve Finance’s token, CRV, into Arbitrum One and Optimism. This strategic decision is expected to significantly enhance Curve Finance’s liquidity and transactional efficiency for those who employ these highly effective layer-two scaling solutions.

Curve Finance, which is famous for its efficient stablecoins trading and earning low-risk fee revenue for its liquidity suppliers, could now benefit from the lower transaction costs and faster processing time offered by Arbitrum One and Optimism. These two layer-two solutions – Arbitrum One being a third-generation optimistic roll-up protocol and Optimism being another well-known example – have the same purpose: to address the problems of clogging and high fees on the Ethereum network.

The integration of CRV into these platforms is by Binance’s stand to support and facilitate the development of the decentralized finance industry. This way, Binance aims to provide its users with faster and cheaper transactions critical in the constantly evolving DeFi space by employing the features supplied by Arbitrum One and Optimism.

Currently, Binance has integrated even more cryptocurrencies, including Stablecoins like Tether (USDT) on Arbitrum One and Optimism. This step is a further extension of the attempt to bring together the various significant digital assets, enhancing the functionality and efficiency of the DeFi market. With these new integrations, the users can easily use these assets across the various networks without much fuss.


The recent addition of Curve Finance’s CRV token on the Arbitrum One and Optimism networks is a significant advancement for Binance in the DeFi space. This development also enhances the liquidity and transaction velocity of the CRV token and reflects Binance’s commitment to the growth and interoperability of blockchain systems. These integrations are essential as they help to promote new ideas in this space and improve the overall experience for users in the DeFi ecosystem.

Roxanne Williams

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